Small Cemeteries #3 of Shasta Co., CA

These include: Allen Family, Cassel Indian, Cayton, Fann Indian, Glenburn, Hat Creek, Ingle Indian, Lakehead/Keluche, Pitt #1/Pittville, Roney, Taylor, Timmons, Shasta County, Scattered Graves
more on Small Cemeteries #1 and #2.
Some are from death records that said where they were buried, not on a headstone.

These Cemeteries are mostly on priviate property, and I have not found anyone who knows their exact location.  These come from the Historical society records.  I have no additional information on these.
Janie Edwards


Name Birth Death Comments
Allen, Catherine B. ----  Sep-22-1864  killed by indians
Allen, B. F. ---- Sep-22-1868  
Allen J. A. ---- Oct-5-186?  


Name Birth Death Comments 
Buckskin, Fred Jul-25-1922 Feb-12-1929
Buckskin, Roderick about 1893 Feb-15-1923 Edna Winn
Taylor, William about 1871 Feb-15-1921  
Thompson, Verneice Oct-1925 Mar-23-1927  
Williams, Nettie(Norman) Feb-15-1890 Feb-15-1922 b. CA; Harry


Name Birth Death Comment
Burton, Nancy about 1841 Jul-3-1923 wf of Thomas
Greer, Laura C.(Sangslia) Oct-5-1877 Mar-29-1924 wf of Fred
Rhoades, Vernile Alvah May-17-1921 May-28-1921 b. Cayton, CA
Zancai, Female Jun-12-1924 Jun-12-1924 b. CA


Name Birth Death Comment
Fann, Baby Boy 1878 1878  
Fann, C. Jul-25-1907 Nov-11-1907  
Fann, Delia 1898 1920  
Fann, Edith 1902 1925  
Fann, Frank 1888 1918 WWI
Fann, Hazel 1913 1950  
Fann, Ida T. 1894 1938  
Fann, Louise A. 1825 1898  
Fann, Mollie c1893 Feb-6-1937  
Fann, M.V. 1884 1931  
Fann, Sarah (Mother) 1863 1943  
Fann, Wash (Father) 1850 1931  
Fann, W.F. (Pawnee) 1910 1940  
Fann, W.L. (Woody) 1923 1927  
Howard, Baby 1928 1929  
Sisk, Loretta 1896 1898  
Slaughter, George T. 1931 1940  
Slaughter, George Thomas Aug-17-1873 May-11-1947  
Slaughter, Katherine V. 1928 1929  
Slaughter, Myrtle A. May-26-1897 Dec-15-1961  
Slaughter, Oscar E. Jan-30-1933 Feb-3-1933  
Slaughter, Rudolph Harold Mar-30-1921 Apr-13-1992  
Weaver, James T. Feb-7-1903 Feb-21-1938  
Weaver, Tilda May-28-1881 May-22-1939  



near the community of Glenburn
Name Birth Death Comment
Davis, Female Aug-21-1930 Aug-25-1930  
Davis, Male Jul-10-1929 Jul-10-1929  
Jackson, Carrie Apr-??-1920 Feb-5-1931  
Jackson, Stanley about 1926 May-29-1929  
Lowe, Ellen About 1855 May-22-1930 Lee b. CA
Lowe, Gertrude About 1927 Nov-15-1929 b. CA
Lowe, Jesse Thomas Sep-25-1929 Jan-9-1930 b. CA
Lowe, Regina May  Aug-20-1928 May-2-1929 b. CA
Muchache, Selda About 1907 Jun-12-1926 b. Glenburn, CA
Ryan, Tom About 1839 Dec-7-1929 hus of Susie b. FRM, CA
Stonecoal, Amber about 1910 Sep-25-1928 b. Day, CA


Name Birth Death Comment
Bowen, Jeff ---- ----  
Wilson, Joe about 1855 Sep-19-1925 b. CA; hus of Louise
Wilson, Margaret about 1913 Dec-28-1925 b. CA


Name Birth Death Comment
Ingle, Eva L. c1878 early 1900's  
Ingle, Frank  c1880  early 1900's  
Ingle, Jane (Jennie)  c1850  Jan-7-1919  
Ingle, John  c1930  early 1900's b: England
Ingle, John W.  Mar-17-1872 Mar-2-1916  
Ingle, Rose  early 1900's  early 1900's  
Scholfield, Sarah Jane Ingle May-30-1874 Sep-11-1946  


Name Birth Death Comment
Batey, Marjorie  Apr-7-1896 Jul-25-1966  
Batey, Randle R. Nov-10-1915 Dec-30-1966 b: MO
Fort, Florence  c1907 Nov-7-1937  
Gorley, Eva B.  Jan-1-1892 Jan-2-1952  
Keluche, Charles  c1863  Jul-27-1937  
Keluche, Herbert E.  Jan-3-1898 Jan-1-1959 b: CA;  WWI
Keluche, Sarah H.  c1878 Nov-27-1934  


Name Birth Death Comment
Vincent, Nicholas Biddle Feb-28-1837 May-18-1919 b. NY; hus ofClara L. Brown
Winn, Mary (Smith) about 1882 Sep-29-1926 b. CA; wf of Frank
Wolfin, Infant Apr-20-1931 Apr-22-1931 b. CA


Name Birth Death Comment
Hersey, Alfred David Jun-3-1923 Jul-5-1942  
McKay, Nellie c1859 Apr-28-1930  
Moore, Ida Alma Jul-25-1921 Mar-7-1948  
Roney, Ella Ellen Aug-15-1879 Jul-20-1954  
Ward, Jessica Ruth Nov-4-1929 May-30-1947  


Name Birth Death Comment
King, Ralph A. Aug-8-1891 Aug-8-1905  
Cates, Samuel M. Aug-17-1882 Mar-21-1924  


Off the road to Shasta Sam
Name Birth Death Comment
Billy, Amos Leonard  Mar-17-1941 Jul-15-1977 st-son of Mr. Garcia
Miles, Alice 1906 Jan-13-1932  
Nalton, Dwight S. Dec-9-1903 Feb-27-1984  
Nalton, Lester G. Sr. Jul-16-1914 Mar-22-1937  
Nalton, Vivian Audrey 1914 1971  
Popejoy, Melvin Eugene Jul-16-1937 Sep-4-1939  
Sisk, Jessie Dec-9-1936 Jan-2-1984  
Sisk, Kerrie Ann Mar-3-1963 Mar-22-1963  
Sisk, Ramona Lynene Oct-10-1969 Oct-13-1969  
Sisk, Robert cMar-1938 Mar-16-1939  
Timmons, Amos 1912 1936  
Timmons, Baby 1921 1921  
Timmons, Elijah Jackson Mar-4-1876 Jan-29-1943  
Timmons, Jack Elija Dec-26-1901 Oct-17-1957  
Timmons, L. T. 1878 1920  
Vasquez, Sharon Judith Nov-10-1949 Jun-13-1987  


Name Birth Death Comment
Ball, J. about 1888 Aug-3?-1925
Cook, Edward Franklin Oct-5-1880 Apr-14-1940
Evans, Llewellyn H. (Wilkinson) Dec-12-1901 Oct-17-1937
Grigsby, Jay B.  Apr-?-1888 Jun-21-1935
Hinze, Jack D. Feb-20-1902 Dec-25-1941
Jones, George Washington Jan-10-1917 Sep-25-1938
Lewis, Charles Nov-25-1863 Feb-17-1938
Nelson, Andrew Nov-15-1872 Dec-4-1940
Week, Daniel Henry Apr-10-1857 Oct-6-1940


Name Birth Death Comment
Donaldson, Donald ---- 22 yrs  
Glass, Barbara 1815 Sep-5-1856 wf of Nicholas 
Hare, Ike ---- 1855  
Kimball, George Washington 1734 Aug-4-1813  hus of Wilhelmina
Kimball, Wilhelmina ---- ---- wf of George 
Kochinsky, Emilie & baby 1846 1860  
Langdon, Mrs. ---- 1857  
Langdon, Sylvester ---- Jul-4-1857 killed by bear
Lecky, Johnston ---- Oct-8-1849  
Opdyke, Andrew Jackson ---- 1911 Wilcox Plot
Smith, Wient ---- 1876  
Smith, I. L. ---- 1876  
Wilbur, Son 1880s age 7  
Wilbur, Son 1880s age 5  
Woolmes, James  Oct-22-1813 Dec-23-1858  
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