Small Cemeteries #2 of Shasta Co., CA

These include: Hunt, Mountian Home, Oak Run, Old I.O.O.F. near Fall River, Old Ono, Original Plataeu, Plataeu, Portugese Flat, Redding Abandoned, Sims, Texas Springs, Stillwater (Indian), Witmore Josephine
more on Small Cemeteries #1.
Ones marked with the * , the death record said that was where they were buried not on a headstone.  Death record on the Death index page.

These Cemeteries are mostly on priviate property, and I have not found anyone who knows their exact location.  These come from the Historical society records.  I have no more information on these.
Janie Edwards


Between Milleville and Oak Run
Name Birth Death Comments
Anklin, Edgar & Effie Dec-15-1860 Dec-20-1860 twins of Henry & Fanny Anklin
Haley, Grison ----   Jun-1958  
Haley, Lottie Hunt Nov-21-1881 Sep-21-1964  
Hunt, Anna Jane 1857  Oct-23-1859  
Hunt, Archie J.  Feb-14-1875  May-6-1880  
Hunt, Clements Reid  Jan-1-1879 Mar-6-1966  
Hunt, Daniel Granvil Aug-26-1830  Jun-25-1927  
Hunt, Hamilton 1836 Oct-19-1859  
Hunt, Hattie Ann Nov-12-1867 Mar-9-1883  
Hunt, Isabella Jun-10-180? Sep-1-1855  wf of Nathan
Hunt, James Nathan Jan-1855 Sep-24-1855  
Hunt, James Milton Jan-12-1824  May-23-1862  
Hunt, Jonathan Berry Aug-31-1829  Nov-7-1879  
Hunt, Mary Ann(Polly)  Feb-14-1819  Jun-14-1866  
Hunt, Mary Clarinda Apr-5-1835  Mar-17-1910  
Hunt, Nathan  Oct-24-1873 Oct-24-1873 stillborn
Hunt, Nathan (Nate)  Nov-12-1871  Feb-2-1895  
Hunt, Nathan J. Mar-30-1865  Nov-2-1868  
Hunt, Nellie M. Oct-24-1873  Sep-21-1874 looks like 74 was changed to 75
Hunt, Novella Jul-19-1862  Nov-13-1865  
Hunt, Sadie T. Apr-6-1887 Dec-9-1938  
Hunt, Sarah M.  Apr-10-1848  Oct-14-1932  
Hunt, Sarah Ellis Mar-15-1843 May-30-1864  
Penland, Carolyn 1848  Jun-28-1871  
Penland, Lydia Ann 1871 May-5-1882 (dates were crossed out)
Radcliff, Vatura 1845 Feb-18-1862  
Ross, Margaret Elizabeth 1841 May-2-1864  


Name Birth Death Comments
Forward, Emma Jul-25-1865 Dec-24-1866 *more
Garrison, Eunice-Julia(Tuggle) Jul-25-1863 Apr-15-1889 *more
Glenn, Uncle Johnnie ---- ----  shake maker
Riggins, Millie C. ----  Apr-5-1896  17 yrs
Tuggle, Son  1901 1901 Son of George Tuggle


Name Birth Death Comments
Beebe, Ella Idella (Wilson)* Mar-2-1856 Apr-15-1941 wife of Henry
Blay, Charles Otto Apr-16-1917 Apr-17-1917  son of Charles U. & Alma
Cox, John W.  1850 Oct-2-1924 father of Mrs. W. E. Ross
Estep, Alfred A.  Jan-13-1860 Jan-29-1922 *more
Estep, Sarah M. Jan-19-1860  Jan-24-1900 Ruby Gold's mother
Estep, Zella M. Jul-3-1882  Jan-30-1900  dau of Sarah
Gage, Edward A.  1942 1971  
Harvey, Pearl Thomas Jul-7-1884 Oct-15-1918  dau of George & Alice(Strayer)
Hufford, Lawrence Jan-1-1884 Jan-1-1900 son of Lou; drowned
Manley, Mary ---- ---- about 16 yrs *more
Marshel, Alice ---- ---- Grandma Mrs. Addington's mo-in-law
Marshel, Samuel Franklin Mar-23-1883 Nov-12-1902 son of Samuel & Alice
Maxwell, John Quincy Nov-2-1843  Apr-16-1908  *more
Maxwell, Jesse Albert  Oct-2-1875 Aug-5-1901 Son of John Q. & Jennie *more
Maxwell, Jennie Mar-20-1860  Sep-13-1930  wife of John Quincy
McCarty, John Lafayette Aug-1858 Oct-19-1936  *more
McCarty, Helen Huntington Oct-3-1873 Dec-28-1858 wife
McComber, John F.  1841 Mar-20-1898  Alma Blay's grandfather
Murpphy, Mathew Richard  1858 May-2-1944  
Murphy, Lutie Belle  Nov-14-1867 Nov-15-1944 Nat of MO
Poindexter, Robert  ---- ----  Owned Bibbens place
Ray, Mrs. ---- ---- lived on Manley Place
Smith, Bertha (Williams) Sep-2-1906 Nov-21-1925 *more
Smith, Henry ----  May-14-1927   
Stauffer, Esther May-31-1898 Apr-19-1980  
Stauffer, Howard A.  Dec-23-1987 Nov-21-1969  
Stephens, Rebecca Strayer 1834 Oct-19-1905  Sister to Grandpa Strayer
Strayer, Martin Jan-1832 Jan-1922  Grandpa
Strayer, Adiah Wieble Forster  May-24-1834 Nov-12-1910  Wife of Martin
Strayer, Charles O.  Aug-8---- Sep-20-1936   
Strayer, Daniel Charles Jul-16-1901  Jul-16-1901 Son of Charles and Linnie(Philips)
Strayer, Mary Jan-23-1904 Jan-23-1904   
Strayer, Frances Tyler 1870   Nov-18-1903  wife of Lawrence O.
Strayer, Lawrence O.  1856 Oct-1922  
Thomas, Alice Strayer Jun-18-1864 Oct-15-1918  dau of Martin & Adiah *more
Tyler, Philetus O. 1840 1904  Mrs Lawrence O. Strayer's father
Welch, Phoebe Esther Mar-5-1911 Mar-5-1911 twin dau of Amos & Pearl
Welch, Mary Paralee Mar-5-1911 Mar-5-1911  twin dau of Amos & Pearl
Wetmore, Clyde R.  1880 1954  
Williams, Bertha Maxwell Mar-11-1886 Sep-10-1906  


(Winters Cemetery) Near Fall River Mills
Name Birth Death Comments
Eiler, John 1796 Aug-28-1873 b. Rockingham Co., VT; age 77
Eiler, Peter  1838 1881  
Fairbanks, Dan 1862 1884  
Long, Infant Berta 1877 1877  
Long, Wilbur 1891  1891  
McFadden, W. C.  1808  1883  
McFadden, Ada  1881 1882  
Rose, M. Pearce  1877 1878 son of M. P. Rose
Winter, Sarah 1828 1879  
Winter, Captain Wm. Henry  1819  Aug-1879 b. Virgo Co., IN


Name Birth Deatn Comments
Baker, Alberta May ---- Aug-27-1924  dau of Reginald A. & Josie D. Goble *more 
Bricenio, Lulu ---- Sep-10-1929 age 33 yrs 8 mo. 16 days
Dix (orDixon), Lucinda  ----  ---- 1918 carved on a sandstone boulder
Goble, James Jun-20-1869 Apr-14-1958 m. Dec-26-1899 Rosie Pimental, Shasta Co.
Grant, Frank Oct-15-1884 Sep-4-1954 son of Joseph & Sally Philpot *more
Grant, Joseph P. 1839 1927   
Grant, Linda M.  1880 1896   
Grant, Sally (Philpot)  Feb-20-1868  Aug-29-1954 wf of Joseph; *more
Green, Virginia 1882 1907  
Lowery, Lydia (Philpot) Apr-20-1868  May-18-1942 *more
Philpot, Alexander  Feb-22-1831 Sep-23-1909 b. MO d. Ono; do not know where buried
Philpot, Isabel J. Jul-27-1919  Oct-5-1927 dau of W. D. & Lulu Juner
Philpot, Henry ---- ----  
Philpot, Moses Alexander Sep-29-1866  Aug-13-1959 son of Alexander and Mary Crockett*more 
Raines, Rollins  1862 1936 Ono Indian cemetery
Soules, James R. Feb-15-1822 Mar-16-1895   


(Hull Cemetery)
Name Birth Death Comments
Hoyt, Charles  ---- ---- summer of 1890 nephew of J. T. Swanson
Hull, Infant ---- late 1880's  


Name Birth Death Comments
Baker, Harold  Jul-1-1898 July-1-1898 son of David O. & Fannie(Cunningham)
Baker, Howard Jul-1-1898 July-1-1898 son of David O. & Fannie(Cunningham)
Cunningham, Abraham Oct-1-1816  Jun-8-1896 b. NC
Cunningham, Osie Maud Nov-17-1896 Dec-6-1901 dau of John Henry & Cora (Phelps)
Cunningham, Samantha Patience  Feb-22-1828 Aug-25-1896   wife of Abraham
Garrison, Melba Agnes  Oct-22-1902 Jun-1906  dau of Benton and Orpha
Hansen, Alvin  1887  1898  *more
Martin, Jessie Fern  Mar-1890 Sep-8-1896 *more
Tisdale, William C.  Jul-6-1854 Jul-12-1903 *more
Ward, Ira  ---- abt 1904 hus/Elizabeth (Cunningham) Butterway
Wells, Delbert Ernest Oct-9-1909 ----  about 2 momths old
Wells, Evelyn Geneva Oct-27-1902 Oct-31-1902 dau of Ernest & Elsie(Cunningham)


(Also know as Baker's Cemetery) Lamoine
Name Birth Death Comments
Andrews, Asa E. Jul-18-1887  Sep-19-1943 *more
Andrews, Ellen Jul-14-1877  Sep-19-1943  *more
Andrews, David Curtis Oct-22-1885 Aug-20-1937  *more
Andrews. Lee Ellison Jul-14-1877  Sep-19-1943 *more
Baker, Alma  1856 1948  Mother of Archie Baker
Baker, Archie  Apr-15-1903  Nov-15-1964  
Baker, Everett S. Sep-19-1890 Jun-19-1976  U.S. Army WWI
Baker, Rose S. Feb-19-1892  ----  
Berg, Frank L.  1893 1977 Pvt. U. S. Army WWI
Cronin, Danny 1955 1988   
Davis, James Jimmie 1892 1971  
Deiner, Emma 1889 ---- age 21 yrs wife of Isaac
Duryee, Harriett Ecker Baker Mar-29-1902 Jul-14-1983  
Edgerton, Lawrence May-13-1968  Dec-13-1989   
Edgerton, Leslie Ann  Nov-28-1985  Nov-28-1985  
Ford, Della Dec-1-1902  Jun-8-1976  
Grafton, Ernest Jun-18-1897   Jun-3-1973  
Guldenzoff, Morris Theadore Jul-20-1900 Aug-18-1965  
Ingle, Annie Apr-14-1890 Jun-28-1971  
Johnson, Benjamin  Dec-1-1880 Jun-30-1948  
Loomis, Charles F. Jan-1-1872 Mar-16-1972  Pvt WWI
Loomis, Mary Agnes  Mar-24-1895 Aug-20-1981  
Martin, Ada  Apr-14-1897  Feb-18-1978  
Marvin, Ellen Jun-5-1869  Jul-18-1951  
McKentz, Rory ---- ----  *more
McKentz, Liza Morton  ----  ---- *more
Morton, Jimmie ----  ----  bro of Liza Morton McKentz
Peterson, Canyon Pete May-25-1908 Sep-10-1963  
Poole, Glenn Edward 1911 1992  
Roberts, Grace T.  Jul-1903 Nov-1982   
Roberts, Henry L.  Nov-1899  Jun-1982   
Robertson, John D. 1904  1993  
Sperry, Augusta Edler Nov-27-1883 Mar-4-1968 wife of Albert(Pat)
Sperry, Albert Boyd Jun-10-1894  Jun-16-1978  
Sperry, Clarence(Ike)  Mar-9-1888 Mar-24-1967  b. CA; U. S. Army WWI
Sperry, Homer Walter Jun-4-1880 Feb-23-1954  husband of Goldie
Sperry, Lucille Engle Sep-13-1968 *2 dates  Wife of Clarence
Sperry, Martha Alexander  Apr-17-1860  Feb-18-1941 Mother of Homer Walter
Stower, Lucella S. 1877  1957  
Towner, Due (Jack)  1877 1957 Hus of Emma Louis Baker
Vart, John ---- Jun-11-1864  age 45 yrs


Name Birth Death Comments
Bracket, J. W.  ----  1875 also reported in Redding Cemetery
Dinsmores ----  1867   
Fahner, J. ---- 1876   
Ferrells, Unknown ---- 1867  
Guilbert, Annie ---- 1877  also reported in Redding Cemetery
Wood, Ethel T.  ---- 1877 also reported in Redding Cemetery


Name Birth Death Comments
Allen, Tom 1865 1921  
Garrett, G. F. ---- Feb-24---- 60 yrs
Garrett, Hennan  ----  ----  
Garrett, Susie ---- ----  
Lockhart, Baby ---- ----  
Wright, W. M. ---- Mar-30-1856  


near the comunity of Mountain Gate
Name Birth Death Comments
Griffin, Alve  Nov-15-1895 Apr-13-1939  
Griffin, Ann May-31-1857 May-25-1943  
Griffin, Telda 1861 Oct-8-1942  
Radcliff, Baby  ----  Jun-3-1940  
Reed, Edward ---- ---- child of Jimm
Reed, Elsie Silverthorn Jun-11-1897 Dec-3-1943  wf of William
Reed, Jim ---- ----  
Reed, Sally Charles (Silverthorn) Nov-15-1864  Apr-12-1939 wf of Bill Silverthorn
Rocker, Ellen ---- ---- wife of Henry
Rocker, Henry ---- ----  
Thomas, Ellen Oct-28-1858 Nov-17-1939  
Thomas, Henry Aug-29-1870 Oct-28-1954  


Name Birth Death Comments
Hufford, Ella  1861 ---- dau of John Wesley Jr.*more
Hufford, Jefferson  1863  ---- son of John Wesley Jr. *more
Hufford, Baby ---- 1856  
Hufford, Baby ----  1870  
Hufford, Martha Dean ---- 1868 wife of John Wesley Jr.
Price, Rita ---- ----  
Simmons, George Lee ---- Oct-10-1863 age 6 mo. 2 days son of J. M. & M. E.


Atkins Road turns left just before the Whitmore
Store and the cemetery is on the right, not far from the store.
Name Birth Death Comments
Covey, Lora M. Sep-15-1872 Oct-22-1949  
Covey, John ---- ----  
Hufford, Georgia L.  1869 1950  
Hufford, J. George 1858  1941  
Hufford, Howard John  Jan-18-1909 Jan-18-1909 son of Howard & Mary
Hufford, J. W. Mar-12-1830 Jun-3-1895 Grandfather
Hufford, Margaret A. Mar-14-1836 Apr-15-1917 Grandmother
Hufford, Robert Edmond Nov-14-1867 Jan-28-1932  
Palmer, Gurdon Sep-28-1887 Apr-12-1965  
Palmer, Josephine Whitmore ---- ----  
Palmer, George Jr. ---- ----  
Spangle, Unknown  ----  1911  
Triken, Alfred ----  1943  82 yrs
Whitmore, Anna C. ---- Jan-12-1943  83 yrs 2 mo 14 days Mother
Whitmore, Franklin  ----  ----  
Whitmore, John ----  1909 or 1910 son of Simon H. *more
Whitmore, Lena ---- ----  died in AZ
Whitmore, Marjorie ---- ----  small child
Whitmore, Sarah  ---- ----  
Whitmore, Simon ---- ----  
Wright, Laura J. Jul-14-1860 Sep-10-1907 wife of "Pappy"
Wright, "Pappy" ---- ---- husband of Laura
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