(Also known as Centerville)
Located west of Redding off Placer Rd.
Walked by Deana Bailey and Dick Marx September 2002
Most of the markers are missing or unreadable, so this list is from old lists.
Corrections can be made with any verification.
Name Birth Death Comment
Boswell, Ora Ada Jun-1-1866 Mar-13-1922 wf of George W.
Boswell, Alice Mae Jul-14-1885 Jan-29-1974 wf of Claude E.
Boswell, Claude Edward Mar-8-1885 Jul-18-1953 hus of Alice M. (McDaniel)
Boswell, Leroy Oct-20-1918 Jan-12-1919 son of Claude & Alice
Boswell, Marshall 1919 1919 son of Claude & Alice
Boswell, Roy Austin "Ike" Dec-20-1929 Mar-20-1997 son of Claude & Alice
Calvin, Bill ----  ---- -
Chenoweth, P. H. ---- Jun-21-1884 Age 68 yrs
Dingee, Dr. C. A. No dates - A Dentist of the old school, lies buried here in an unmarked head was places a Bible and a bottle of whiskey.
Ford, Nadine  Aug-20-1927 Apr-11-1980 dau of Claude & Alice
Gibson, Larson ----  ---- -
Gibson, Rosline Jul-2-1918 Mar-19-1978 -
Green, John Franklin Mar-3-1877 Aug-23-1935 hus of Lena Hansel Bertha
Green, Lena Dec-6-1890 Aug-7-1926 wf if John F.; sis of Alice
Gummelle, Josephine Dec-8-1893 May-18-1942 -
Helly, Myrtle ---- 1887 about 4 mo.
Kuhn, Joseph ---- Oct-24-1894 74 yrs Native of France
Lockhart, Frank ---- 1914 40 yrs
McDaniel, Arthur Delbert Aug-28-1904 Mar-5-1941 son of James G.
McDaniel, Betsy 1838 1884 wf of George W.
McDaniel, Charles 1867 ---- son of George W.
McDaniel, Clarence Nov-26-1897 Jul-22-1953 PFC Army Air Force WWII
McDaniel, Earl Mar-3-1913 Jan-8-1919 son of George & Ida
McDaniel, Floyd Cleveland May-31-1927 Mar-5-1929 2 yrs; son of Edward & Leatha (Hunt)
McDaniel, Frederick Dec-19-1900 Oct-12-1960 son of George L.
McDaniel, George Dewey Apr-13-1899 Jun-9-1922 son of George L.
McDaniel, George Lytle Mar-20-1860 Jan-20-1944 d. Mendecino Co.; hus of Ida 
McDaniel, George W. 1828 1912 hus of Betsy 
McDaniel, Gerda Nov-17-1914 Aug-11-1942 2nd wf of George L.
McDaniel, Ida Josephine May-4-1869 Mar-27-1919 1st wf of George L.
McDaniel, Isabelle 1874 1891 dau of George W.
McDaniel, James Gentry Dec-22-1865 Oct-24-1941 son of George W.
McDaniel, Jim's Boy ---- ---- -
McDaniel, Josephine Jun-28-1913 Mar-22-1948 -
McDaniel, Julia Aunt(Moody)  ---- 1895 wf of James G.
McDaniel, Ralph L. "Vernon" Jul-28-1903 Oct-26-1918 son of George L.
McDaniel, Roland A. Jan-15-1955 Mar-12-1955 -
McDaniel, Ronald Delmar Nov-15-1935 Aug-2-1937 son of Arthur & Lala(Curl)
McDaniel, Ruby E. Dec-28-1872 Mar-16-1891 -
McDaniel, Ruby K. Dec-26-1941 Jun-8-1948 -
McDaniel, Soloman G. 1883 Feb-5-1908 son of George L.
McDaniel, Warren T. Oct-5-1901 Oct-2-1979 Smokey; son of James G.
McDaniel, Unknown ---- ---- by Josephine
McNutt, Sadie June Jun-4-1877 Oct-30-1943 -
Mendez, Marilyn J. 1950 1975 Sister
Meyers, Susie 1834 1912 wf of Evi Sebring
Miller, George W. Sr. Jun-2-1840 Dec-1907 Germany
Nachreiner, William E. 1932 1987 Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
Orr, W. M. R. ---- Sep-30-1854 25 yrs 4 mo 19 days IL 
Preader, Carol Ann Feb-4-1940 Sep-12-1993
Robinson, Elizabeth A. ---- Jan-25-1863 20 yrs wife of Daniel
Russell, Anette May-3-1931 Jan-17-1978 -
Russell, Gary A. May-13-1951 Jun-22-1952 -
Russell, Gloria A. May-13-1951 Jun-21-1952 -
Russell, Herbert Mar-23-1890 Aug-29-1957 -
Russell, John B. Dec-7-1949 May-28-1962 -
Schwegerl, Julia 1883 1888 -
Smith, Edwin F. May-18-1850 Jul-29-1938 Bronze Tablet
Smithson, William Apr-29-1871 Nov-19-1941 -
Toothaker, Gilbert ---- Sep-20-1857 27 yr 6 mo nat of ME 
Wilkinson, Harold L. Nov-11-1902 May-28-1975 -
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