Try to Always be the Helping Hand,
and not the Tripping Foot 
Delta Cemetery
Unsure of cemetery location, but Delta is about 25-35 miles north of Redding.
 Janie Edwards
Name Birth Death Comment
Agcanas, Agnes May-1907 Jan-6-1962   
Andrews, Elizabeth Hawk  Nov-19-1855 Apr-24-1921  
Barber, Doris May-20-1938 Sep-4-1938 dau of Claude S. & Lorena
Barber, George  May-2-1883  Jul-25-1955 hus of Mary Jane Charles 
Barber, James  Mar-3-1941 Nov-30-1941 son  of Claude S. & Lorena
Barber, Mary Jane Charles 1870  Mar-22-1940 wf of George *more
Bayles, Ace M. ---- ---- fa of Alex Andrew
Bayles, A. M. ---- ---- uncle of Alex Andrew
Bayles, Alex Andrew  1875  1961 hus of Sarah Stacey Towner
Bayles, J. F. 1865 1931  
Bayles, J. M. ---- ---- Father
Bayles, Sarah Stacey Towner May-30-1876 Jan-16-1958  wf of Alex Andrew *more
Bender, Joe ---- ---- hus of Hattie
Charles, Amelia Dec-17-1908 May-25-1942 dau of Bertha Barber Edwards
Clark, Abel Peckham Feb-25-1873 Feb-22-1933  
Clark, Constantine "Bunt"  May-4-1895 Jan-23-1946 bro of Abel
Clark, Frances Strene Jul-8-1873  Apr-11-1935  
Cornell, Gerald L. 1905 1957  
Cornell, Pearl Miller  Sep-23-1910 Jan-1-1959 dau of Fred Miller
Cory, Lyman H. 1869  1949  
Cory, Mabel M.  Aug-9-1883 Mar-14-1969   
Cornish,  Charles Louis Dec-2-1886  Mar-26-1955  
Cornish, Charley ---- 1971  
Crook, Margaret  Nov-13-1906 Sep-19-1907  
Easley, Horace J. ---- Jul-27-1937 66 yrs 4 mo
Easley, Martha ----  Apr-3-1935 58 yrs 10 mo 24 days
Edwards, Bertha Barber 1890 May-1948 dau of George & Mary Jane (Charles) 
Fann, Edna L. Button Sep-15-1894  Aug-23-1972  
Grafton, Alfred Estes  Dec-20-1894 Mar-1-1965  son of George & Lillian (Sperry)
Grafton, Arthur Jun-9-1889 Sep-26-1983  
Grafton, George Nov-1-1848 Nov-18-1925  
Grafton, Lillian  May-15-1868 Sep-22-1967  
Heller, Marie Jul-25-1903 Jun-18-1958  
Heller, Crews Clemons  Nov-2-1898 Jul-24-1973  
Hermadez Roberta Jan-26-1948  Jan-31-1948  
Hewitt, Jack Dec-25-1898  Apr-10-1950  
Ince, Jennie Andrews Miller Feb-7-1885 Mar-18-1960  
Krier, Lillian Grafton Sep-23-1904  Sep-3-1963  dau of George & Lillian (Sperry)
Martin, Bernyce Cornish 1926  Nov-18-1962 dau of Charles L. Cornish
Miller, Andrew "Tib"  May-18-1912 Apr-19-1957 son of Fred 
Miller, Emily Ince Feb-28-1862 Oct-9-1941 wf of Joseph; mo of Bertha Ince Grafton
Miller, Frederick "Fred"  Oct-6-1879 Apr-24-1912 hus of Jennie Andrews
Miller, Herbert G. "Herb"  Sep-11-1908 Feb-4-1945 son of Fred 
Mitchell, Jimmie E. Aug-19-1916 Aug-30-1953  
Morgan, Myrtle Viola (Sperry) 1887  1915  dau of Sheldon Sperry
Morton, Bill unmarked grave related to McKeniz, Easley, & Wagner
Morton, Freddie unmarked  grave related to McKeniz, Easley, & Wagner
Morton, Tom unmarked  grave related to McKeniz, Easley, & Wagner
Philpot, Minerva Barber Dec-25-1898 Aug-11-1946 dau of George & Mary Jane Barber
Pyle, Emma Colesta Jan-26-1868 Apr-29-1933  mother of Bert
Pyle, Robert Elmer Apr-19-1896 May-27-1972  
Pyle, William Sep-26-1866 Nov-12 1859  father of Bert
Quin, Bierber Lerey  Jun-9-1880  1951  
Rhodes, Adelia S.  Sep-6-1891 Jun-8-1960  
Rhodes, Irving  Aug-8-1888  Mar-31-1958  
Rhodes, Leroy Jul-12-1942 Mar-11-1963   
Roach, Bill 1909 1957 hus of Betty
Schaeffer, Francis K. Aug-2-1899 Sep-22-1965  
Schaeffer, Mary B. May-7-1899 Jun-17-1961  
Sharkey, Raymond  1904 1960  
Shoemaker, Arthur Feb-12-1894  Oct-15-1939  * more
Sperry, Sheldon Dec-1-1835 Mar-21-1909  
Viola, Ella Grace 1872 1946  
Viola, Guiseppa Joe 1880 1972  
Wagner, Mary Jane Woods Sep-3-1855 Apr-7-1931 *more
Wallace, Richard  Mar-28-1946 Feb-14-1958  
Whitlow, Della R. Apr-17-1878 Apr-6-1915  wf of Gilbert; mo of Earl 
Whitlow, Earl ---- ----  related to Graftons & Sperrys
Whitlow, Gilbert L. Apr-15-1889 Nov-20-1940  
Whitlow, Helen F. Jul-12-1906 Dec-4-1990  
many unmarked graves      


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