Anderson Pioneer Cemetery
Anderson, Shasta Co.,  CA - also called the (I.O.O.F.) - 8 miles south of Redding 
Location:  Can be seen off Interstate 5.   Kept cleared.  No longer used. 
Compiled by: Alice A. Carnes and Patricia A. Burlingame 1974 
Rewalked in April 2001 by Julie Judish
For information contact: Janie Edwards
(some additional information on a few stones) - 50 unknown marked graves 
Dates marked with an * were figured from the ages on the headstones, no dates were present. 
Name  Birth  Death  Comment
Aiton, Margaret Hill -----  -----  29 yrs; b. Scotland
Anderson, E. Fleming  Sep-11-1850* Aug-3-1880  29 yrs, 10 mos, 22 days
Anderson, Elias  Feb-2-1817  Sep-28-1907  
Anderson, Elizabeth M. Apr-7-1820  Jan-6-1895  
Anderson, Lester G. Dec-26-1863* May-1-1867 3 yrs, 4 mo, 6 days
Anderson, Mary E.  Jul-6-1859*  Jul-23-1861  2 yrs, 17 days
Bassett, John M. Jun-26-1849 Apr-2-1921  
Bassett, Lillian Madge Sep-2-1876 May-27-1898  
Bassett, Mrs. John M. c1853* Aug-26-1916 63 yrs
Beaumont, Nellie Mae  Dec-19-1882 Jul-5-1937  
Bell, Arthur E.  Jul-11-1882* Mar-13-1885  2 yrs, 8 mos, 2 days
Bell, Clarence B.  Apr-14-1881* Jul-12-1881  2 mos, 28 days
Bell, Hattie A.  1854 1933  
Bell, Thomas B.  1844 1926  
Berger, Sarah A.  c1860*  Jan-1-1888  28 yrs
Black, Morton 1846 1913  
Blakley, Myrtle E.  Jan-7-1887  Nov-2-1912  
Brooks, Dallies 1871 1916  
Brooks, Grace 1904 1920  
Brooks, Ralph 1913 1915  
Brooks, Ruth 1880 1920  
Burnight, Rachel E.  Mar-22-1842 Oct-13-1920  
Carpenter, Harvey A.  1901 1905  
Chambers, Margaret  Oct-18-1839 May-1-1884 wf of John C.
Chambers, Willie  Aug-12-1874* Nov-7-1875  1 yr, 2 mos, 26 days
Comer, Irene  Jan-4-1846  Jan-4-1885  
Comer, John  Nov-30-1839 Jan-11-1904  
Crowley, Cicilia  c1834* Jul-6-1884  50 yrs, b. IN
Dailey, John W.  1851 1929  
Dailey, John C.  1900 1961  
Dailey, Rosella A.  1861 1934  
Davis, Mrs. N. E.  Feb-14-1820 May-10-1894  
Elmore, Albert H.  Feb-27-1875 Mar-4-1920  
Elmore, Deborah A.  Apr-6-1848  Dec-18-1932  
Elmore, Effie May  1877 1904  
Elmore, Willis W.  Mar-8-1845  Aug-27-1931  
Fairbanks, Charlotte M. 1845 1905  
Fairbanks, Henry A.  1830 1902  
Fay, Hiram  Mar-4-1832* May-14-1886  54 yrs, 2 mos, 10 days
Fender, Julia A.  Sep-5-1822*  May-13-1903 80 yrs, 8 mos, 8 days
Fuller, Blanche  1886 1886  
Fuller, Irving 1889 1890  
Fuller, Mary  1901 1901  
Fuller, Mary C.  1856 1917  
Fuller, Samuel D.  1846 1917  
Gates, Retty Ann Apr-1-1882 Sep-15-1882  
Green, George M.  -----  Jul-19-1905  
Guill, Addie A.  Sep-24-1878 Apr-12-1916 b. Stockton, CA
Guill, Charles C.  Sep-9-1873  Feb-17-1949  
Guill, Elsie Pearl  1898 1912  
Guill, Evelin Thelma  1907 1918  
Guill Winifred May  1902 1920  
Haight, Johannah Long  1908 1968  
Hanes, Henrietta  May-14-1834  May-13-1909  
Hanlon, Sophia Jul-29-1832  Jul-26-1881  
Hanlon, William  May-30-1809  Mar-9-1888 b. Stubenville, OH
Hawes, Charlie J.  Oct-13-1909 Oct-13-1909  twin
Hawes, Henrietta May-14-1834 May-13-1909  
Hawes, Infant son  Mar-15-1916  Mar-15-1916  
Hawes, Jacob C.  Oct-13-1909 Oct-13-1909 twin
Hawes, Michael Jul-4-1838  Mar-3-1911  
Heaton, Clarence  -----  Jun-1887  
Heaton, Susan  Apr-23-1814* Aug-17-1882  68 yr, 3 mo, 24 days
Hendricks, Dissie Lilburn Boyd ---- Mar-20-1885  
Hendricks, Toodie Gregg Ingersol ---- Mar-2-1885  
Hess, Sherman E.  Aug-12-1910 Nov-12-1910  
Horton, Caroline  Apr-18-1873*  Jun-5-1875  2 yrs, 1 mo, 17 days
Howard, James F.  Dec-16-1840  Dec-28-1904  
Jacoby, Emma 1872 1930  
Jacoby, P.F.C. Jack 1871 1933  
Kawasaki, M.  ---- ---- Japanese inscription
Klukkert, Amanda J.  Nov-15-1851 Mar-21-1913  
Klukkert, Baby ---- ----  
Klukkert, Bernard  Feb-16-1848 Apr-25-1920  
Klukkert, Fannie  Feb-6-1878  Jun-23-1884  
Klukkert, Jesse Jun-4-1884  Jun-9-1884  
Lane, Mrs. A.  Nov-1856 Jun-1883   
Lave??, Mrs. A. Nov-24-1856 Jun-4-1883  
Lean, Elizabeth Dec-29-1929*  Nov-29-1884  54 yrs, 11 mos
Lean, Esta Kate Apr-5-1896 Mar-26-1907  
Lean, Frederick Earl  Aug-14-1890 Nov-22-1890  3 mos, 8 days
Lean, Harry  Jan-31-1867 Jan-20-1899  
Lean, Henry A.  May-14-1889* Sep-6-1901  12 yrs, 3 mos, 23 days
Lean, Samuel G. Feb-8-1860* Apr-28-1874  14 yrs, 2 mos, 20 days 
Lean, Sarah E.  Feb-28-1862*  Feb-17-1884  21 yrs, 11 mos, 11 days 
Lean, William  Jun-6-1828* Jul-3-1882  4 yrs, 27 days
Lock, Edd 1850 1935  
Lock, Edward  1918 1918  
Lock, Rosa 1901 1918  
Lock, Stella 1926 1929  
Long, Fanie Agnes  Dec-16-1905  Jun-11-1919  
Long, Frances A.  Oct-8-1865 Dec-20-1915  
Long, James W.  Oct-9-1865 Jun-23-1939  
Manter, Albert Herman 1907 1907 10 months
Manter, Annie Sofia Nov-18-1875 Nov-18-1908  
Manter, Caroline 1847 1904  
Manter, Emma Isabelle 1904 1906  
Manter, James A. 1837 1909  
Marlow, Sarah E.  c1870*  Jun-19-1878  8 yrs
McCaslin, Grace -----  Oct-8-1887  
McConnell, Frank  Jul-13-1830 Jul-9-1907  
McDonald, Danie A.  Sep-28-1877*  May-5-1880  2 yrs, 7 mos, 9 days
McDonald, Mary E.  Dec-12-1852* Jun-8-1883  30 yrs, 6 mos, 27 days
McKillop, John A.  Feb-14-1877* Mar-14-1877  28 days
McKinnon, Delia  Aug-9-1826  Jan-8-1888  
McKinnon, Willie B.  Jun-11-1887 Jul-24-1888  
Miller, William G.  May-20-1820 Sep-12-1879  
Montgomery, Emaline  Jun-20-1826* Nov-25-1883  57 yrs, 5 mo, 22 days
Nickolas, Anna  Nov-8-1836 Jul-14-1904  
Nickolas, Elmus Sep-17-1822 Dec-8-1902  
Noble, George  Nov-6-1877* Dec-12-1878  1 yr, 1 mo, 6 days
Parham, Daniel  Jun-26-1819 Mar-12-1887  
Parham, Francis C.  c1811* Jul-19-1884  73 yrs
Parham, Joseph S.  Dec-13-1852*  Sep-18-1877  24 yrs, 9 mo, 5 days
Parr, Amelia  c1843* Aug-17-1878  35 yrs
Parr, Daniel W. Dec-10-1836  Jan-27-1880  43 yrs, 1 mo, 17 days; b. OH
Pettygrove, Joseph  Oct-3-1857* Dec-25-1884  27 yrs, 2 mo, 22 days
Pitts, H. Otis  1867 1926  
Pitts, Johanna H.  Aug-20-1843 Sep-27-1904  
Pitts, Roma  ---- ---- infant
Pitts, Samuel  1838 1914  
Pleisch, Eunice Aug-16-1883 Nov-1-1883  
Pleisch, Vivian Jul-7-1881  Oct-28-1883  
Primm, F. P.  Sep-20-1853 Feb-28-1918  
Primm, Mary E.  Oct-11-1861  Jun-10-1894  
Robinson, Daniel  May-5-1834  Mar-13-1897  
Robinson, George A.  Mar-4-1861  Jun-22-1918  
Robinson, Ida A.  Jun-23-1876* Dec-13-1885 9 yrs, 5 mo, 20 days
Robinson, Minnie May  May-17-1879* Jul-2-1882  3 yrs, 1 mo, 16 days
Robinson, Missouri A.  Apr-12-1851 Apr-5-1937  
Robinson, William Grant  May-22-1867*  Aug-31-1891  24 yrs, 3 mos, 9 days
Rowlee, Luman  -----  Jun-11-1874  
Rowlee, Mary M. Mar-19-1848*  Jul-1-1877  29 yrs, 3 mo, 13 days
Rowlee, Olive May  Mar-3-1876*  Mar-16-1876  13 days
Schleigh, J. S. Aug-8-1830  Apr-4-1886  (mother)
Schleigh, James Nov-27-1880  Jul-25-1882  
Schleigh, Robert  Nov-17-1870*  Apr-19-1874  3 yrs, 5 mos, 2 days
Schleigh, Samuel W. May-17-1876*  Mar-4-1877  10 mos, 18 days
Schleigh, Sherman P.  Apr-9-1865 Nov-18-1932  
Schooling, J. P.  Feb-9-1816*  Oct-7-1880  63 yr, 7 mo, 28 days
Senn, Edward H.  Oct-16-1868* Dec-22-1880  12 yrs, 2 mo, 6 days
Smith, Ann L.  Jul-22-1826 Nov-27-1890 b. IL
Smith, Christine A.  Oct-7-1860 Oct-15-1925  
Smith, Claus G. Dec-6-1843 Oct-19-1918  
Smith, Hans G.  Feb-11-1846 Aug-31-1924  
Smith, John E.  c1860*  May-2-1885  25 yrs
Smith, W. W.  Apr-22-1821 Jun-11-1893 b. CT
Smith, Walter  Dec-25-1902  Jun-14-1904  
Snell, Alma G.  Jun-5-1903  Jun-13-1904  
Snell, Charles N. 1898 1993  
Snell, Viola M. Nov-17-1874  May-1-1964  
Snow, Ella  Jun-20-1859* Oct-22-1875  16 yrs, 4 mos, 2 days
Snow, Emma  May-24-1873* Oct-30-1875  2 yrs, 5 mos, 6 days
Snow, Johny  Jan-14-1868*  Nov-1-1875  7 yrs, 9 mos, 18 days
Spann, John W. Nov-4-1823 Mar-19-1886  
Spann, Sarah E. Dec-22-1836  Aug-6-1930  
Stanley, Mrs. F.  c1839*  Jun-30-1904  65 yrs
Stanley, O. L.  c1838*  Jan-2-1904  66 yrs
Stevenson, Edith Moyer "Edy"  Oct-12-1845  Dec-27-1909 wf of Joseph 
Stevenson, Elizabeth Louise Oct-17-1908 Aug-23-1910  
Stevenson, Saddie E.  c1827* Nov-1-1903  76 yrs
Stiff, Elizabeth  1840 1913  
Stine, Alice E. May-1853* Aug-19-1880  27 yrs, 3 mo, ?
Stine, Baby Boy  Aug-5-1880* Aug-12-1880  7 days
Stine, Ludella  Sep-30-1876* May-13-1878  1 yr, 8 mo, 13, days
Story, Amelia Francis  Jun-7-1840  Jun-12-1917 b. Hanibal, MO
Story, Edwin Lee  Nov-13-1865  Oct-25-1939  
Story, Lewis S. Jan-16-1829 Oct-24-1875 b. Clay Co., IN
Sunderland, Sarah Belle  Sep-14-1864*  Jan-22-1887  12 yrs, 4 mo, 8 days
Tomlin, Mary Olive  Feb-7-1880* May-22-1880  3 mo, 15 days
Tyler, William O.  Aug-3-1845  Jun-17-1886  
Tylor, Julia  1843 1917  
VanHorn, Carrie Stella  Sep-4-1855  Oct-25-1862  7 yrs, 1 mo, 21 days,
VanHorn, Ida Hart  Apr-10-1857 Oct-30-1862  5 yrs, 6 mo, 20, days
Vaughan, S.  Nov-16-1849  Oct-30-1894  
Wallace, Willie Pope  Mar-19-1837 Feb-11-1881 b. Louisville, KY
Wilson, John  c1857* Dec-9-1863  6 yrs
Yung, Thomas A. Dec-13-1793  Oct-15-1858 b. Woelfersheim, GER
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