Anderson Township 1920 Census
Transcribed by Janie Edwards and Audrey Willburn
Janie Edwards

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column 1 name 
column 2 age 
column 3 birthplace self 
column 3 birthplace father 
column 3 birthplace mother
column 4 relationship to head 
column 5 times  married
column 5 years current marriage 
column 9 # of children or occupation 
column 9 # of children living
Dwelling #, then family #

Page 1
Guill, Charles C. 36 CA MO MO  head  m1-12 laborer 
Guill, Addie 32 CA NY CA wife  m1-12 5-5/laundress
Guill, Elsie 11 CA CA CA dau
Guill, Sophie 9 CA CA CA dau
Guill, Winifred 7 CA CA CA dau
Guill, Vesta 5 CA CA CA dau
Guill, Evelyn 3 CA CA CA dau
Bland, George R. 37 CA -- IL head m1-14 carpenter 
Bland, Eliza 36 CA IL IL wife m1-14 8-7
Bland, William  14 CA CA CA son
Bland, Alfa 12 CA CA CA dau
Bland, Julia 9 CA CA CA dau
Bland, Melvin 7 CA CA CA son
Bland, Charles  4 CA CA CA son
Bland, Ralph 1 CA CA CA son
Oliphant, Hannah 66 IL VA NC mo-in-law/wd  12-7
Cravens, John T. 32 IA NY IA head m1-13 saw filier
Cravens, Myrtle 28 NE OH PA  wife m1-13 6-4
Cravens, Stella 8 CA IA NE dau
Cravens, Donald 6 CA IA NE son
Cravens, Mary  4 CA IA NE dau
Cravens, John Jr. 1mo CA IA NE son
Williams, Sarah 61 PA PA IRE mo-in-law/wd  6-6
Sutton, Thomas P. 36 CA CA CA head m1-13 teamster 
Sutton, Eva 31 CA MS IA wife m1-13 2-1
Sutton, Vernon 11 CA CA CA son
Palmer, Stanley 17 CA MS IA bro-in-law
Tull, William W. 62 IL OH OH head m1-28 carpenter 
Tull, Ellen 67 WI WI WI wife m1-28 1-1
Strickland, James A. 26 GA GA GA head farm laborer 
Strickland, Brazy 21 CA GA GA brother farm laborer 
Pettygrove, Frank B. 37 CA ME IL head m1-15 wagon driver
Pettygrove, Emma 32 CA MO MO wife m1-15 4-3
Pettygrove, Myrtle 14 CA CA CA dau
Pettygrove, Roberta 11 CA CA CA dau
Pettygrove, Lester 8 CA CA CA son
Trevillyan, Elizabeth  54 ENG ENG ENG head m1-39 12-6
Trevillyan, Freda 17 CO ENG ENG dau housework
Trevillyan, Annie 14 ENG ENG ENG dau
Trevillyan, Bessie 10 CA ENG ENG dau
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Page 2
Dunlap, Rachel E. 65 MO MO MO head/wd 6-5/own income
Awbrey, William S. 49 MO MO MO head m2-13 laborer 
Awbrey, Elizabeth  31 CA MO OH wife m1-13 2-2
Awbrey, Roy 9 CA MO CA  son
Awbrey, Bert 6 CA MO CA son
Wolfe, Lewis L. 52 MI NY NY head m1-8 blacksmith
Wolfe, Annie 34 OR MO OR wife m1-8 6-5
Wolfe, Bessie 8 CA MI OR dau
Wolfe, Willie 6 CA MI OR son
Wolfe, James  3 CA MI OR son
Wolfe, Annie 1 CA MI OR dau
Wolfe, Florence 2mo CA MI OR dau
Pettygrove, Harry K. 77 ME ME ME head m1-45 Justice of peace
Pettygrove, Martha  63 IL IL IL wife m1-45 10-9
Pettygrove, John  32 CA ME IL son divorce engineer
Pettygrove, Maud 24 CA ME IL dau sales lady
Pettygrove, Harry Jr. 20 CA ME IL son laborer 
Creighton, Vernon 14 CA CA CA g-son
Creighton, Earl 9 CA CA CA g-son
Hazelton, Martha A. 69 IL KY KY head/widow 6-5
Bartell, Englhard 85 GER GER GER head m2-43
Bartell, Mary  74 IL ENG ENG wife m1-43 6-6
Moss, William J. 63 MS -- -- head m1-26 carpenter 
Moss, Mary  49 KS GER IA wife m1-26 8-7
Moss, Frank  21 TX MS KS son laborer 
Moss, Bert 19 TX MS KS son laborer 
Moss, Elmer 15 CA MS KS son laborer 
Moss, Charles  9 CA MS KS son
Mott, William E. 69 NY NY NY head/divorce
Johnson, Hattie 39 WA VA KY head/widow 3-3
Johnson, William A. 21 WA CA WA son
Johnson, Myrtle 9 CA CA WA dau
Holbrook, Mary  80 KY NC NC mother/widow 9-6
Keeler, Emily 61 OH PA PA head/widow 4-3/dressmaker
Keeler, Rodney 22 CA IN OH son brick setter
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Page 3
Jarett, Alonzo 46 MN WI WI head m1-23 lineman
Jarett, Nettie 40 OR IA IL wife m1-23 4-3
Jarett, Myrtle 16 CA MN OR dau
Jarett, Charles  14 CA MN OR son
Stover, Ulysses G. 35 MO VA KS head m1-13 teamster 
Stover, Rachel 28 WA KY MO wife m1-13 4-3
Stover, Grace 12 MT MO WA dau
Stover, Elsie 8 MT MO WA dau
Stover, Mabel 3mo CA MO WA dau
Mikkalson, Lawrence  64 GER GER GER head farm laborer 
Putnam, John O. 80 MI MA VT head m1-36 own income
Putnam, Tammy 79 IN NY NH wife m1-36 0-0
Putnam, Francis M. 55 OR MI IN son farm laborer 
Myers, John L. 61 MO KY KY head m1-42 own income
Myers, Hattie 61 WI ENG NY wife m1-42 7-5
Kenyon, James  60 IA NY VT head m1-36 blacksmith
Kenyon, Nancy 51 MO KY IL  wife m1-36 11-11
Kenyon, Jessie 23 IA IA MO dau nurse
Kenyon, Ray I. 20 CA IA MO son laborer 
Kenyon, Ira 17 CA IA MO son farm laborer 
Kenyon, Abbie 15 CA IA MO dau
Kenyon, Carl 13 CA IA MO son
Kenyon, James Jr. 10 CA IA MO son
Whittington, Thomas J. 52 NC NC NC head farmer
Guttry, Winnie 21 CA CA OR partner fireman at sawmill
Pratt, William W. 54 ENG ENG ENG head bookkeeper
Hubbard, Andrew W. 81 VA VA VA head m1-48 own income
Hubbard, Alsinda 62 MO NC SC wife m1-48 5-1
Whitlock, Wade H. 21 CA VA CAN head m1-0 teamster 
Whitlock, Maud  30 CA MO OR wife m1-0
Myers, Joseph P. 73 MO KY MO fa-in-law/wd
Myers, Homer J. 22 CA MO OR bro-in-law hostler
Bishop, Harvey L. 47 PA PA PA head m1-10 carpenter 
Bishop, Minnie 38 MO NY KY wife m1-10 2-1
Bishop, Glenn 9 CA PA MO son
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Page 4
Frisbie, Caroline 78 NY NY MA head/wd own income
Frisbie, Caroline Jr. 39 CA NY NY dau
Gomas, Peter  32 GCE GCE GCE head m1-12 RR section laborer 
Chustas, John  26 GCE GCE GCE partner single RR section laborer 
Manos, George  42 GCE GCE GCE partner m1-22 RR section laborer 
Manos, James  32 GCE GCE GCE partner single RR section laborer 
Panos, George  20 GCE GCE GCE partner single RR section laborer 
Drogas, George  60 GCE GCE GCE partner m1-20 RR section laborer 
Peterson, Arthur L. 29 CA DEN CA head farmer
Peterson, James  63 DEN DEN DEN father/wd farm laborer 
Peterson, Jennie 18 CA DEN CA sister
Awbrey, Gorden C. 38 MT MO MO head m2-11 electric lineman
Awbrey, Della 31 CA KS KS wife m1-11 2-2
Awbrey, Gladys 9 CA MT CA dau
Awbrey, Jack 6/12 CA MT CA son
Hogle, Henrietta 50 NM TN CAN head/widow 5-4/kphs
Mills, Godfrey 62 NC NC NC (B) head m1-36 laborer 
Mills, Caroline 53 VA VA VA (B) wife m1-36 12-11
Mills, Samuel  31 NC NC VA (B) son farm laborer 
Mills, Henry  28 NC NC VA (B) son farm laborer 
Mills, Andrew  26 NC NC VA (B) son farm laborer 
Mills, Annie 18 CA NC VA (B) dau
Mills, Caroline Jr. 14 CA NC VA (B) dau
Mills, Ruth 12 CA NC VA (B) dau
Gordon, George H. 50 IL OH OH head/widow peddler
Gordon, Verena M. 18 CA IL CA dau
Gordon, Hazel J. 16 CA IL CA dau
Beale, Franklin H. 28 CA VA MO boarder m1-2 shake maker
Beale, Gladis 19 CA CA CA boarder m1-2 0-0
Connelly, Sarah 43 CA CA CA boarder m1-23 5-4
Cravens, John D. 71 MO KY KY head m2-45 farmer
Cravens, Martha  61 MO SC KY wife m1-45 11-10
Cravens, Ora 30 CA MO MO dau
Cravens, Norma 18 CA MO MO dau
Hall, Lewis 47 IN SWIZ SWIZ head m1-11 RR section forman
Hall, Jennie 45 CA IL IL wife m2-11 4-3
Briggs, William  20 CA MI CA s-son carpenter 
Briggs, Jennie 16 CA MI CA s-dau
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Page 5
Strubley, Herman 62 GER GER GER head single farm laborer 
Klukkert, Bernard 65 GER GER GER head m1-38 proprietor bakery
Klukkert, Amanda 58 MO MO MO wife m1-38 11-9
Klukkert, John  27 MO GER MO son proprietor bakery
Klukkert, Harry 22 CA GER MO son farm laborer 
Gassner, Charles  38 GER GER GER hired man baker
Hubbard, James A. 45 CA VA MO head m1-22 machinest
Hubbard, Ella M. 45 CA SC GA wife m1-22 2-2
Hubbard, John  20 CA CA CA son wagon driver
Hubbard, Austin 19 CA CA CA son electric lineman
Goff, Thomas J. 51 IA IA OH head m1-24 shipping clerk
Goff, Sarah 50 ENG ENG ENG wife m1-24 7-6
Goff, Henry  23 IA IA ENG son band sawyer
Goff, Jesse 21 IA IA ENG son foreman
Goff, Mazie 20 CA IA ENG dau
Goff, Edgar 16 CA IA ENG son cut-off sawyer
Goff, Harriett 11 CA IA ENG dau
Goff, Myrl 8 CA IA ENG son
Watts, Job 45 MO MO MO head m1-22 saloon keeper
Watts, Bertie 41 OR IRE NY wife m1-22 4-4
Watts, Chester 17 OR MO OR son laborer 
Watts, Irene 14 CA MO OR dau
Watts, Bertha 9 CA MO OR dau
Watts, Merle 7 CA MO OR dau
Calendar, Thomas S. 39 MO MO MO head m1-16 forman
Calendar, Anna L. 29 IL -- -- wife m1-16 4-3/laundress
Calendar, Ocie B. 15 AR -- IL dau
Calendar, John  13 IL MO IL son
Calendar, Mable 9 ILMO IL dau
Ratekin, Josephine 64 VA IRE PA head m2-10 6-4
Wildey, Albert H. 38 OR PA VA son m1-11 bridge/carpenter 
Wildey, Clara 28 OR CA MO dau-in-law  m1-11 2-2
Wildey, Myrtle 9 CA OR CA g-dau
Wildey, Melva 7 CA OR CA g-dau
Welch, Charles  35 CA -- -- head m1-7 farm laborer 
Welch, Annie 23 SD MO OH wife m1-7 2-2
Welch, Alvin 5 CA CA SD son
Welch, Harold 3 CA CA SD son
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Page 6
Losaw, Edward H. 53 CT NJ CT head m2-6 nursery agent
Losaw. Rose 29 MN AUS AUS wife m1-6 1-1/dress maker
Losaw, Marcia 5 ND CT MN dau
Clark, Charles R. 46 NV VA IL head m2-13 forman
Clark, Elizabeth  50 MO MO MO wife m2-13 7-4/cook
Clark, Gertrude 12 CA NV MO dau
Nixon, Larry 69 NC NC NC head (black) brick mason
Ritchie, Martha E. 49 MO VA IL head wd 7-3/toliet article agent
Ritchie, John  21 IL IL MO
Ritchie, Harry 15 IL IL MO
Stuck, Creed H. 36 CA GA KY head m1-4 farm laborer 
Stuck, Alma 23 CA DEN CA wife m1-4 2-2
Stuck, Alton 3 CA CA CA son
Stuck, Leslie 1 CA CA CA son
Carlson, Benjamin L. 52 SWE SWE SWE head m1-27 dealer farm produce
Carlson, Garrison 44 IA IN IN wife m1-27 9-8/laundress
Carlson, Lewis E. 20 CA SWE IA son laborer 
Carlson, Otis 15 CA SWE IA son boarding home
Carlson, Mandus 11 CA SWE IA son
Carlson, Ernest 9 CA SWE IA son
Carlson, Milton 4 CA SWE IA son
DeBerry, James A. 50 WV WV WV head m1-26 horse breeder/owner
DeBerry, Jennie 50 WV WV WV wife m1-26 6-4
DeBerry, Stanley E. 18 WV WV WV son farm laborer 
DeBerry, Hazel 14 WV WV WV dau
DeBerry, Ada 10 CO WV WV dau
DeBerry, Clifford 6 CO WV WV son
Cunningham, Joel W. 40 TN NC TN head m1-40 farmer
Cunningham, Emily J. 40 MO TN TN wife m1-40 6-4
Burnight, Rachel E. 66 IL NY NY head/widow 9-6/laundress
Robertson, James A. 79 KY NC KY head m3-11 brick mason
Robertson, Serilda 73 KY KY KY wife m2-11 1-1
Pickett, Fred 26 CA NE NE head m1-4 laborer 
Pickett, Ida M. 18 CA CA MO wife m1-4 1-1
Pickett, Alta M. 3 CA CA CA dau
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Page 7
Murray, Floyd 28 CA CAN CA head m1-3 farm laborer 
Murray, Lena 22 CA CA CA wife m1-3 2-2
Murray, Morris 1 CA CA CA son
Murray, Marie -1 CA CA CA dau
Maisch, Edward A. 34 MO GER MO head m1-6 electrician
Maisch, Josephine 34 MO MO MO wife m1-6 3-2
Maisch, Adelia 3 OR MO MO dau
Maisch, Ellis -1 CA MO MO son
Little, James T. 48 OR IL IL head m1-25 laborer 
Little, Laura 40 IA IL IN wife m1-25
Little, Thomas  19 CA OR IA son laborer 
Walker, Alfred R. 28 MO MO MO head m1-4 freight clerk
Walker, Lily 29 CA WI CA wife m1-4
Dack, Marie 33 CA WI CA sis-in-law/div school teacher
Randall, Samuel E. 23 MO KY VA head photographer/owner
Kitto, Thomas A. 41 ENG ENG ENG head m1-10 saloon keeper
Kitto, Annie 31 CA GER GER wife m1-10 4-4
Kitto, Mary  9 CA ENG CA dau
Kitto, Bessie 8 CA ENG CA dau
Kitto, Charley 7 CA ENG CA son
Kitto, Mildred 5 CA ENG CA dau
Rupert, Caroline F. 35 CA -- -- head/wd 2-2/dressmaker
Rupert, Edward F. 16 CA CA CA son
Rupert, Charles F. 10 CA CA CA son
Anderson, George H. 61 MO KY KY head m1-30 fishery
Anderson, Lelia 50 CA VT GER wife m1-30 3-3
Anderson, Lynn 25 CA MO CA dau sales lady
Whitney, Charles G. 28 CA ME NY head m1-0 laborer 
Whitney, Edith 25 CA VA KY wife m1-0
Smellie, Margaret  72 CAN SCOT SCOT  head/widow 0-0/boarding house
Hooker, James W. 44 FL NC NC head m1-21 barber/ own shop
Hooker, Lucy 40 CAN CAN CAN wife m1-21 10-8
Hooker, Horace E. 20 WA FL CAN son miner
Hooker, Hazel E. 19 WA FL CAN dau
Hooker, Anna J. 17 WA FL CAN dau
Hooker, James F. 14 WA FL CAN son
Hooker, Georgie E. 13 WA FL CAN dau
Hooker, Helen C. 11 WA FL CAN dau
Hooker, Lucile S. 7 CA FL CAN dau
Hooker, Francis A. 2 CA FL CAN dau
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Page 8
Story, Harry L. 35 CA MO MO head m1-10 saloon keeper
Story, Myrtle 30 OR MO IA wife m1-10 2-1
Story, Donald L. 1 CA CA OR son
Story, George F. 39 CA MO MO brother saloon keeper
Shepherd, George F. 44 ENG ENG ENG head m1-9 denist/own office
Shepherd, Mary E. 30 CA FL MO wife m1-9 0-0/school teacher
Smith, William G. 54 KY KY KY head/widow rafer hanger
Lee, Simon 69 NOR NOR NOR head m1-27 marble stone cutter
Lee, Mary  53 WI NOR NOR wife m1-27 0-0
Lund, Olive 32 NOR NOR NOR boarder dressmaker
Bedford, James F. 50 CA SC GA head m1-27 retail wholesaler
Bedford, Lilly J. 49 CA GA MO wife m1-27 1-1
Donnelly, Mary E. 25 CA CA CA dau
Donnelly, William P.  31 CA IRE LA son-in-law druggist/own store
Donnelly, James B. 1 CA CA CA g-son
Leen, Martha  37 NOR NOR NOR servant housekeeper
Wentworth, Winslow L. 50 NH NH ME head m1-27 fruit farm manager
Wentworth, Gertrude 51 NH NH ME wife m1-27 4-4
Wentworth, Marion 13 CA NH NH  dau
Wentworth, Ruth 13 CA NH NH dau
Needham, Jeremiah B. 37 NC NC NC head m1-10 clergyman
Needham, Maud 35 CA PA PA wife m1-10 2-2
Needham, Nina 7 CA NC CA dau
Needham, Marion 5 CA NC CA dau
Schulz, Edward  42 PA GER GER head m1-19 saloon keeper
Schulz, Fanny 36 NY IRE NY wife m1-19 3-3
Schulz, Emma 16 CA PA NY dau
Schulz, Dorothy  14 CA PA NY dau
Schulz, Edward R. Jr. 10 CA PA NY son
Daily, John W. 59 MO MO -- head m1-33 carpenter 
Daily, Rose E. 49 MO NC MO wife m1-33 5-4/dress maker
Daily, Amy 18 CA MO MO dau telephone operator
Daily, Clifford 9 CA MO MO son
Daily, Nelda 3 CA MO MO dau
Daily, Margaret  79 MO KY KY mother/wd 2-2
Daily, James S. ?6 MO MO -- brother/wd opitician/own place
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Page 9
Marshall, William H. 33 CA MO MO head m1-10 laborer 
Marshall, Susie 31 CA MO AR wife m1-10 3-3
Marshall, Velma 6 CA CA CA dau
Marshall, Edwin 4 CA CA CA son
Marshall, Loyd 2 CA CA CA son
Cunningham, David N. 61 MO NC MO head/div carpenter 
Daily, Perry F. 48 OH OH OH head m1-17 lumber dealer/owner
Daily, Bertha M. 35 MN MN MN wife m1-17 3-3/milliner/owner
Daily, Warren B. 16 CA OH MN son
Daily, Otto R. 15 CA OH MN son
Daily, Geary O. 10 CA OH MN son
Cunningham, Lewis A. 35 IA TN MO head m1-11 carpenter 
Cunningham, Daisy 28 KS IL US wife m1-11 4-4
Cunningham, Alpha 10 CA IA KS son
Cunningham, Clifford 7 CA IA KS son
Cunningham, Irene 5 CA IA KS dau
Cunningham, Bernal 1 CA IA KS son
Anderson, William S. 54 CA KY KY head m2-20 postmaster
Anderson, Maud 38 CA IRE IRE wife m1-20 2-2
Anderson, Ethel 18 CA CA CA dau
Anderson, Roy 11 CA CA CA son
Downing, Earl 29 CA MO WI head m1-6 salesman/drygoods
Downing, Alice 35 CA NY NY wife m1-6
Baker, Everette G. 44 IA NY NY head/single retail merchant/grocer
Baker, David  -3 NY US US father/wd retail merchant/grocer
Creighton, Mary  47 MO MO KY head m2-6 0-0/own income
Fuller, Grace E. 29 IA NY NY boarder
Romaine, Bertha 26 IN NY IN boarder teacher highschool
Barkuloo, William C.  28 MN IN OH head m1-4 bank cashier
Barkuloo, Annie 28 CA WI WI  wife m1-4 0-0
Bedford, John F. 76 SC NC NC head/wd merchant
Bedford, Olive V. 33 CA SC GA dau teacher
Bedford, Georgia G. 30 CA SC GA dau
Irgins, Hennietta A. 29 ND ND MN boarder bank bookeeper
Bedford, Delta A. 12 CA CA CA g-son
Soothill, John H. 48 IL ENG ENG head m2-7 physician
Soothill, Alta 44 CA IL CAN wife m2-7 0-0
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Page 10
Baker, David O. 48 MO SCOT MO head m1-18 laborer 
Baker, Fannie E. 40 IA NC MO wife m1-18 3-1/dressmaker
Baker, Ethel 14 CA MO IA dau
Kesler, John C. 48 CA KY WI head m1-22 manager fruit picking
Kesler, Sabina 45 CA GER IL wife m1-22 2-2/needle work
Kesler, Harold A. 17 CA CA CA son fruit packer
Welch, Orrin H. 55 IL IN IN head m1-31 harness maker
Welch, Annie E. 49 CA KY MO wife m1-31 5-4
Pleisch, Theodore 65 SWIZ SWIZ FRA head m1-30 laborer 
Pleisch, Mary A. 50 CA KY PA wife m1-30 6-4
Pleisch, Walter E. 17 CA SWIZ CA son board sawyer
Pleisch, Cecil 14 CA SWIZ CA son
Eaton, Carl F. 33 MA MA MA head m2-0 drayman
Eaton, Genevive 22-Jan CA OH IL wife m1-0 0-0
Price, Alphonzo L. 67 OH MD PA head m1-43 newspaper/owner
Price, Annie L. 58 IL KY NC wife m1-43 7-6
Blackburn, Charles  53 CA KY OH head m1-28 carpenter 
Blackburn, Minnie 48 MI PA OH wife m1-28
Blackburn, John M. 27 CA CA MI son RR breakman
Aubrey, Francis 73 KY KY KY head/widow 11-6
McKinney, Arthur A. 28 NE KY KY head m1-8 farmer
McKinney, Carry A. 26 NE OH IA wife m1-8 4-4
McKinney, Lance L. 7 KS NE NE son
McKinney, Glenn 6 KS NE NE son
McKinney, Gerald 3 KS NE NE son
McKinney, Eugene -1 KS NE NE son
Tabler, Levi J. 60 OH WV WV head m2-26 physician
Tabler, Rosa L. 40 TN GA GA wife m1-26 2-2
Tabler, Kate 20 TN OH TN dau
Eaton, Nathan W. 60 MA MA MA head m1-38 ice plant laborer 
Eaton, Clara 58 MA MA MA wife m1-38 2-2
Eaton, Robert F. 5 CA MA CO g-son
Gilman, John T. 39 CA ME ME head grocery salesman
Gilman, Elsie G. 74 ME ME ME mother/wd 6-3
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Page 11
Henricksen, Henry  30 CA GER GER head m1-3 RR depot agent
Henricksen, Bertha 20 CAN CAN CAN wife m1-3 1-1
Henricksen, Henry Jr. 1 CA CA CAN son
Wright, Uel L. 34 CA GA MO head m1-6 drygoods salesman
Wright, Mabel 27 CA MO CA wife m1-6 0-0
Daily, Joseph 73 OH TN VA head m2-4 lodging house keeper
Daily, Delia 77 IL KY KY wife m2-4 0-0
Barney, George E. 39 MA MA MA head m1-19 retail merchant
Barney, Lottie 35 MA MA MA wife m1-19 3-3
Barney, Gordon 17 MA MA MA son
Barney, Marie 15 CA MA MA dau
Barney, Clarabel 12 CA MA MA dau
Hainline, Charles G. 45 IL KY TN head m1-23 retail merchant
Hainline, Mary B. 39 CA KY TN wife m1-23 0-0/merchant
Williams, Asahel L. 65 MO NC MO head m1-34 butcher/owner
Williams, Mary J. 49 CA ENG MO wife m1-34 5-4
Williams, Lottie O. 18 CA MO CA dau
Williams, Walter 10 CA MO CA son
Peterson, Chester 29 CA DEN CA hired man butcher
Stackpole, Frank L. 44 ME ME ME head m1-17 RR foreman
Stackpole, Grace 40 NH ENG NH  wife m1-17 11-9
Stackpole, Avis G. 16 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Morris L. 15 CA ME NH son
Stackpole, Gladis L. 14 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Eunice L. 12 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Doris 11 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Clarice E. 9 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Bernice 7 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Frances 6 CA ME NH dau
Stackpole, Ellis 5 CA ME NH son
Green, Frederick L. 37 MA ME MA head m1-12 high school principle
Green, Helen M. 43 KS NY MD wife m1-12 0-0
Hadley, Willie 60 ME ME ME head/single laborer 
Christison, Colin Jr. 23 CA SCOT CA head/single traveling salesman
Smith, Stephen  44 MO MO KY heasd/single laborer 
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Page 12
Peterson, Charles D. 40 SWE SWE SWE head m1-17 RR conductor
Peterson, Mary  45 OR OR OR wife m2-17 4-2/prop. candy store
Smith, Frank S. 50 CA NH IL head m1-26 saloon keeper
Smith, Mary  48 CA WV ENG wife m1-26 2-2
Smith, Tullie 18 CA CA CA dau bookkeeper
King, Thomas  77 ENG ENG ENG head/single laborer 
Gedney, Allen M. 38 CA SCOT CA head/div carpenter 
Story, Frank E. 41 CA MO MO head m2-4 livery stable
Story, Alice 29 CA USA USA wife m1-4 0-0
Story, Halah 8 CA CA CA son
Story, Vivian 7 CA CA CA dau
Elmore, William W. 65 MO KY IL head m1-36 furniture dealer
Elmore, Deborah A. 65 WI NY NY wife m1-36 1-1
Elmore, Albert 34 CA MO WI son
Burbank, Arthur C. 32 NV NH OH head m1-10 grocer merchant
Burbank, Mary E. 30 CA WI CA wife m1-10 2-2
Burbank, Hildred E. 9 NV NV CA dau
Burbank, Arthur D. Jr. 4 CA NV CA son
Wilder, William S. A. 43 MO NY WV head m2-9 blacksmith owner
Wilder, Carrie 29 CA IN IN wife m1-9 5-3
Wilder, Grace 21 CA MO CA dau
Wilder, Edward  18 CA MO CA son
Wilder, Mary  15 CA MO CA dau
Wilder, Oscar 13 CA MO CA son
Wilder, Veva 11 CA MO CA dau
Wilder, Annie R. 8 CA MO CA dau
Wilder, Justin 6 CA MO CA son
Wilder, Gordon 4 CA MO CA son
Fleming, Alonzo 52 CA OH MO head freight teamster 
Clark, John  36 CA TN MO head blacksmith
Billings, Frank  25 CA OH IN head m1-1 fruit farmer
Billings, Edith E. 19 CA MO IA wife m1-1
Billings, Carrie 71 IN USA USA mother wd 18-12
Billings, Charles  36 CA OH IN brother fruit farmer
Frisbie, George C. 55 NY NY NY head m1-28 milk route
Frisbie, Lizzie 56 CA MA ME wife m1-28 4-4
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Page 13
Simpson, Minnie 43 MN ME OH head m3-2 2-2
Wilson, Alice 21 CA CA MN dau hotel waitress
Look, Lee M. 76 CHI CHI CHI head physican own office
Yen, Avong L. 59 CHI CHI CHI partner m-22 farm laborer 
On, ?ne 42 CHI CHI CHI partner m-12 hotel cook 
Ling, Wong 50 CHI CHI CHI head m-30 laundry man
Chong, Iun 60 CHI CHI CHI partner farm laborer 
Sing, Oug 67 CHI CHI CHI partner m-40 farm laborer 
Sun, Chin  30 CHI CHI CHI partner m-10 hotel dishwasher
Manter, Albert H. 35 CA ME CA head m1-11 locomotive engineer
Manter, Josephine M. 32 CA GER GA wife m1-11 2-2
Manter, Adelaide 10 CA CA CA dau
Manter, Edith 8 CA CA CA dau
Redeker, August A. 23 CA GER CA bro-in-law re-sawer box factory
Redeker, Dora A. 19 CA GER CA sis-in-law
Love, William  73 CAN ENG ENG head/wd mail carrier
Love, George W. 46 CAN CAN CAN son/div
Weaver, Alexander 38 CA GER SCOT head m1-14 farm laborer 
Weaver, Julia A. 35 CA GER GER wife m1-14 2-2
Weaver, Helen I. 12 CA CA CA dau
Weaver, William A. 7 CA CA CA son
Weaver, Arthur C. 20 CA CA CA nephew
Kuran, Hazel C. 23 TX TX TX lodger bank cashier
Thomas, Albert R. 43 TX IN TX head m1-20 farm laborer 
Thomas, May 38 TX AL MS wife m1-20 9-8
Thomas, Mary  19 OK TX TX dau dress maker
Thomas, Callie 17 OK TX TX dau
Thomas, Eugene 13 OK TX TX dau
Thomas, Mattie 11 OK TX TX dau
Thomas, Joel 9 OK TX TX dau
Thomas, Albert 5 OK TX TX son
Thomas, Lou 2 CA TX TX dau
Thomas, Monroe -1 CA TX TX son
Bilderback, Frank  25 OR US OR head m1-1 locomotive fireman
Bilderback, Leona 25 CA OH OR wife m2-1 3-3/dressmaker
Todd, Luella 6 CA CA CA s-dau
Todd, John  7 CA CA CA s-son
Todd, Stanley 4 CA CA CA s-son
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Page 14
Davis, William  45 OH WALES FRA head m1-18 RR section boss
Davis, Eliza 34 MEX MEX MEX wife m1-18 7-4
Davis, Arthur  15 CA OH MEX son
Davis, Mary  13 CA OH MEX dau
Davis, Beatrice 10 CA OH MEX dau
Davis, Stella 8 CA OH MEX dau
Snell, Mary E. 42 CA WI PA head/wd 5-2/nurse
Dunham, Joseph A. 69 OH OH NY head m1-39 butcher/own shop
Dunham, Ella N. 57 OH VA OH wife m1-39 6-4
Dunham, Sarah A. 18 CA VA OH dau
Rawlings, Levi 44 OH VA OH bro-in-law wagon driver/butcher
Klotz, William F. 33 CA GER US head m1-5 butcher/own shop
Klotz, Cora E. 29 CA OH OH wife m1-5 1-1
Klotz, Rudolph A. 2 CA CA CA son
Story, Edwin L. 44 CA MO MO head m1-19 harness dealer
Story, Ida M. 41 CA MA MO wife m1-19 1-1
Story, Hilda 10 CA CA CA dau
Dunham, Almon N. 63 OH OH NY head m1-37 livery stable prop'
Dunham, Mary J. 57 OR VA MO wife m1-37 2-0
Milne, James  44 SCOT SCOT SCOT head/div shoe maker
Milne, Gertrude E. 11 OR SCOT OR dau
Milne, Maggie M. 8 OR SCOT OR dau
Sutton, Jesse 60 IA OH PA head road contractor
Codling, Walter  56 NJ ENG ENG partner butcher
Dobrowsky, Howard  31 CA -- -- head m1-5 jewelery store
Dobrowsky, Clara J. 26 CA MO CA wife m1-5 0-0/salesman jewelry
Burbank, Joseph P. 65 NH ME ME head m1-36 grocery merchant
Burbank, Louisa C. 55 OH GER GER wife m1-36 3-2
Burbank, Herbert 18 CA NH OH son
Roberts, William C. 56 WI IL IL head m1-30 farmer
Roberts, Scott 46 CA US US wife m1-30 0-0
Landon, George W. 56 VA US US head m2-18 livery stable
Landon, Elzoa 53 IA PA PA wife m1-18 1-1
Landon, Ruth 13 CA VA IA dau
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Page 15
Knapp, Hiram W. 47 CA GER WI head m1-11 sawmill
Knapp, Rebecca 39 CA VA OH wife m1-11 1-1
Knapp, Lester 10 CA CA CA son
Williams, John C. 60 WI Wales OH boarder m1-32 farmer
Williams, Juliet 52 WI NY NY boarder m1-32 3-3
Nutting, George H. 47 CA NH IL head m1-19 county supervisor
Nutting, Emma 44 CA OH PA wife m1-19 5-5/dress maker
Nutting, Clara 17 CA CA CA dau
Nutting, Harry 15 CA CA CA son
Nutting, Wilma 13 CA CA CA dau
Nutting, Clark 10 CA CA CA son
Nutting, Marion 3 CA CA CA son
Nutting, Sarah 67 IL VA KY mother
Lovejoy, Gates 44 IA VT IL boarder farm laborer 
Arbuckle, Cyrus P. 53 CA MO MO head m2-24 carpenter 
Arbuckle, Ida M. 40 ID PA VA wife m1-24 4-4
Arbuckle, Rolla 22 CA CA ID son carpenter 
Arbuckle, Gladdis 15 CA CA ID dau
Arbuckle, Velma 7 CA CA ID dau
Arbuckle, Alvin 4 CA CA ID son
Woods, Lydis 34 CA PA VA sis-in-law/div private nurse
Robinson, Missouri ?8 IN VA KY head/wd (f) 6-2/seamstress
Robinson, Winona 24 CA OH IN dau stenographer
McMurry, Cosumnes C. 59 CA KY MO head/wd (f) 10-9/fruit farmer
McMurry, Florence 18 CA IL CA dau
Giles, Myra 43 CA MA WI boarder school teacher
Kendall, Thomas R. 29 CO IA IRE head m1-5 newspaper printer
Kendall, Emma 30 IA GER GER wife m1-5 2-2
Kendall, Francis  3 IL CO IA son
Kendall, Erma G. 1 MT CO IA dau
Kendall, Daniel W. 53 IA HOL IRE father/wd wood contractor
Gorley, Georgina 52 US PA PA head/wd 4-4/laundress
Whipple, Annie 60 KY KY KY head 1-1
Story, Amelia 69 MO KY KY sister 7-6
Spencer, Florence 10 CA US US boarder
Poynor, Ora 22 CA TN MO boarder school teacher
Beaumont, John H. 75 PA PA PA head m1-47 quartz miner
Beaumont, Mary A. 65 PA PA PA wife m1-47 11-11
Beaumont, William E. 38 CA PA PA son carpenter 
Beaumont, Bessie W. 27 CA PA PA dau drug store sales
Beaumont, Nellie M. 25 CA PA PA dau
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Page 16
Reed, John W. 65 OH OH OH head m2-23 carpenter 
Reed, Flora 58 OH OH OH wife m1-23 0-0/dressmaker
Reed, William E. 7 OH OH OH g-son
Eby, Rebecca  72 OH OH OH head/wd 4-0/laundress
McKenna, Peter J. 59 US ME IRE head m2-16 shoemaker own shop
McKenna, Alice 53 IA VA IL wife m2-16 5-3/toilet articles 
McKenna, Charlotte V. 15 CA US IA dau
McClendon, Adolphus N. 31 CA AL IA  step-son sawmill
McClendon, George W. 28 CA AL IA step-son laborer 
Landon, Francis M. 31 IA VA US head m1-3 livery stable
Landon, Nora 33 TN MO MO wife m1-3 2-2
Landon, Francis Jr. 3 CA IA TN son
Landon, Kathleen -1 CA IA TN dau
Dempster, Thomas F. 52 OH PA OH head m1-29 barber shop owner
Dempster, Rose L. 52 IA NY NY wife m1-29 4-3
Dempster, Edward S. 26 IA OH IA son
Dempster, Phoebe 17 CA OH IA dau
Dempster, Arthur H. 13 CA OH IA son
Blichfeldt, John O. 51 NOR NOR NOR head m2-4
Blichfeldt, Ragna 32 NOR NOR NOR wife m1-4 1-1
Blichfeldt, Frederick E. 22 ND NOR NOR son
Blichfeldt, Nora  1 CA NOR NOR dau
Murry, John J. 49 CAN -- -- head m1-24 blacksmith
Murry, Nellie R. 45 CA PA PA wife m1-24 2-2
Murry, Douglas 21 CA CAN CA son farm laborer 
Fuller, Samuel D. 63 IA VA PA head m1-36 laborer 
Fuller, Mary C. 54 CA OH PA wife m1-36 13-9
Fuller, Emily 17 CA IA CA dau
Fuller, Cornelius 13 CA IA CA son
Schultz, John  60 GER GER GER head odd jobs
McMurry, Arthur  34 CA IL CA head m1-12 farmer
McMurry, Emma G. 33 CA NC ENG wife m1-12 2-2
McMurry, Gladdis C. 10 CA CA CA dau
McMurry, Jewel 5 CA CA CA dau
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Page 17
Bernard, Warren S. 57 OH MD OH head m1-26 farmer
Bernard, Mary E. 50 CA OH NY wife m1-26 5-4
Bernard, Edna F. 25 CA OH CA dau
Bernard, Harleigh 15 CA OH CA son
Bernard, Elden Z. 14 CA OH CA son
Zumwalt, Jacob W. 81 OH OH MD father-in-law own income
Eddie, John  61 WI ME NY head/widow freight teamster
Palmer, Charles M. 68 NY NY NY head/single fruit farmer
Eldred, Stephen J. 79 NY MA MA head m1-11 farmer
Eldred, Anna 55 MO US US wife m2-11 4-3
Eldred, Charles W. 65 OH NY NY brother butcher shop
Munter, Carl 46 GER GER GER head m1-10 dry good merchant
Munter, Jennie 37 GER GER GER wife m1-10 2-2
Munter, Edgar 9 CA GER GER son
Munter, Bernice 7 CA GER GER dau
Munter, Arthur  38 GER GER GER brother sales merchandise
Egeland, Marie 24 NOR NOR NOR servant domestic
Field, Fred S. 40 OH OH OH head m1-6 farmer
Field, Viva 26 CA MO MO wife m1-6 1-1
Field, Alice E. 6 CA OH CA dau
Girdner, Joseph H. 35 KY KY KY head m1-10 farmer
Girdner, Doris A. 33 CA MO MO wife m1-10 3-3
Girdner, Dorothy G. 9 CA KY CA dau
Girdner, Marjorie 5 CA KY CA dau
Girdner, Daniel H. 1 CA KY CA son
Walton, Major A. 49 IN VA IN head m1-19 farmer
Walton, Ulyssa G. 41 CA IN OH wife m1-19 5-5
Walton, Leslie  16 CA IN CA son
Walton, Laura 13 CA IN CA dau
Walton, Olen 7 CA IN CA son
Walton, Emily 1 CA IN CA dau
Thomas, William  41 POR POR POR head m1-16 farmer
Thomas, Olga 31 GER GER GER wife m1-16 8-7
Thomas, Mary  13 CA POR GER dau
Thomas, Marian 11 CA POR GER dau
Thomas, Lena 9 CA POR GER dau
Thomas, Louisa 6 CA POR GER dau
Thomas, John  7 CA POR GER son
Thomas, Kathreen 4 CA POR GER dau
Thomas, William Jr. 1 CA POR GER son
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Page 18
Cochran, Nigas 82 NC NC NC head m3-16 farmer
McCabe, Thomas Jr. 54 IN IN IN head m1-29 postmaster
McCabe, Marcella M. 48 CA MO AR wife m1-29 9-8/asst' postmaster
McCabe, Ethel T. 21 CA IN CA dau asst' postmaster
McCabe, Vern 19 CA IN CA dau
McCabe, Mildred 17 CA IN CA dau
McCabe, Walter 14 CA IN CA son livery stable
McCabe, Celia 13 CA IN CA dau
Horgan, James T. 36 IL IRE IRE head m1-2 RR Agent
Horgan, Fanny 32 CA IL CT wife m1-2 0-0
Miller, James C. 73 OH OH PA head/w odd jobs
Miller, Frank C. 46 NV OH IL son m1-14 barber/owner
Miller, Fannie 47 CA ENG ENG d-in-law m1-14 5-2/dressmaker
Totten, Linnie 34 CA OH KS head dressmaker
Totten, Mahala 79 KS US US mother/wd 11-7
Garrison, Lester B. 26 CA US US head m1-7 lineman/electrician
Garrison, Orpha 23 MO IN IL wife m1-7 4-3
Garrison, Glenburn 5 CA CA MO son
Garrison, Leonard  3 CA CA MO son
Garrison, Newel  1 CA CA MO son
Jordan, Lavina 70 OH PA OH head/wd 4-3
Gray, Elizabeth  74 OH PA OH sister/wd 12-5
Samples, Jesse 48 IA US US head/wd teamster/owner 
McKee, Bertram 22 CA VT IA s-in-law m1-0 blacksmith
McKee, Jessie 19 CA IA CA dau m1-0 1-1
McKee, Mary  -1 CA CA CA g-dau
Samples, Lottie 14 CA IA CA dau
Samples, Lester 9 CA IA CA son
Samples, Mary  3 CA IA CA dau
Aldridge, Albert 31 CO US US head m1-7 coal miner
Aldridge, Ella 29 CA PA PA wife m1-7 1-1
Aldridge, George  -1 CA CO CA son
Reynolds, William  67 MO KY KY head m1-46 laborer 
Reynolds, Mary A. 67 MO VA VA wife m1-46 8-2
Reynolds, James A. 44 MO MO MO son laborer 
Lee, John G. 55 MO NC KY lodger laborer 
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Page 19
Dodds, William H. 33 CA OH OR head m1-9 laborer 
Dodds, Lititia 34 MO MO MO wife m1-9 6-3
Dodds, Sadie M. 7 CA CA MO dau
Dodds, Georgia L. 5 CA MO MO dau
Dodds, Ethel H. 3 CA MO MO dau
Hall, Alvin 64 IN KY MI  head m2-2 farmer
Hall, Annie 55 IN VA PA wife m2-2 0-0
Woody, Alpheus 65 PA SC PA head m2-41 clergyman
Woody, Allie H. 68 PA NJ PA wife m2-41 5-4
Ferguson, Verne 18 NE MO IL g-son grocery clerk
Scovill, Selsby 39 CA NY NY head m1-5 blacksmith
Scovill, Viola 23 MO IA MO wife m1-5 3-3
Scovill, Floyd 4 CA CA MO son
Scovill, Alvin L. 2 CA CA MO son
Scovill, Alma E. -1 CA CA MO dau
Herr, Casper 34 SWIT SWIT SWIT nephew m1-4 RR fireman
Herr, Elmyra 21 CA IL CA neice m1-4 2-2/muscian dancehall
Herr, Myrle 3 CA SWIT CA g-neice
Herr, Melvin 2 CA SWIT CA g-nephew
Moore, John S. 56 UT IL IL head m1-36 plumber owner
Moore, Lydia L. 55 CA MD IL wife m1-36 5-4
Moore, John H. 29 OR UT CA son engineer
Roth, Frank  32 NY NY NY head m1-5 grocery clerk
Roth, Lucy 21 CA CA MO wife m1-5 1-1
Roth, Lola 3 CA NY CA dau
Ward, Evelyn 64 MO GER IRE head wid 8-8/landress
Morgan, Frank  37 CA KS MO son engineer
Morgan, James  32 CA KS MO son engineer
Woodmanse, Robert C. 31 CA OH CA head m2-5 barber owner
Woodmanse, Emily 22 CA ENG ENG wife m1-5 3-3
Woodmanse, Ralph 5 CA CA CA son
Woodmanse, Ruth 4 CA CA CA dau
Woodmanse, Pearl 1 CA CA CA dau
Spangle, Benjamin F. 49 CA OH IN head/widow laborer 
Butterway, George H. 64 LA GER GER head m1-35 carpenter 
Butterway, Liena 53 GER GER GER wife m1-35 5-4
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Page 20
McNamar, Andrew  68 IL NY IL head m1-44 notery public
McNamar, Lizzie 62 KY KY KY wife m1-44 3-3
Safley, Lewis J. 50 IL IL IL head m1-16 assayer quartz mine
Safley, Gertrude 42 ENG ENG ENG wife m1-16 4-4
Safley, Leonard  15 CA IL ENG son
Safley, Ida 8 CA IL ENG dau
Safley, Raymond 5 CA IL ENG son
Safley, Lewis Jr. 3 CA IL ENG son
Shoup, Louise 40 CA OH MO head/wd 5-5
Shoup, Arthur  19 CA IL CA son clerk gen mdse
Shoup, Eugene 16 CA IL CA son
Shoup, Edgar 12 CA IL CA son
Shoup, Earl 12 CA IL CA son
Shoup, Norma 11 CA IL CA dau
Tuggle, Addison J. 43 CA KY IA head m1-19 stock raiser
Tuggle, Carrie T. 35 CA KY IA wife m1-19 1-1
Tuggle, Mabel 16 CA CA CA dau
Clark, William B. 38 CA IL IL head m1-13 teamster lumber/freight
Clark, Imogene 31 CA UT CA wife m1-13 5-4
Clark, Douglas 11 CA CA CA son
Clark, Elmo 9 CA CA CA son
Clark, Willie Jr. 7 CA CA CA son
Clark, Freda 3 CA CA CA dau
Staser, Charles H. 35 CA IN IN head m1-13 blacksmith
Staser, Christina 34 CA MO MO wife m1-13 8-5
Staser, Henry  12 CA CA CA son
Staser, Lewis 9 CA CA CA son
Staser, Arthur  7 CA CA CA son
Staser, Olive 6 CA CA CA dau
Staser, Christain 2 CA CA CA son
Miller, Harry 1 CA CA CA nephew
Graham, Ervin 35 CA OH MO head m1-8 bartender
Graham, Margaret  28 OH FIN FIN wife m1-8 4-3
Graham, Mildred 4 CA CA OH dau
Graham, Malcolm 2 CA CA OH son
Graham, Hazel -1 CA CA OH dau
Cunningham, Robert R. 35 IA US US head m1-13 blacksmith
Cunningham, Bulah M. 35 CA CAN CAN wife m1-13 3-3
Cunningham, Edith H. 12 CA IA CA dau
Cunningham, Elna 10 CA IA CA dau
Cunningham, Milton 3 CA IA CA son
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Page 21
McNamar, John B. 36 IL IL KY head m1-3 newspaper publisher
McNamar, Myrtle L. 26 CA US CA wife m1-3 1-1
McNamar, Elizabeth E. 2 CA IL CA dau
Neep, Theodore  23 OR ENG ENG head m1-0 laborer 
Neep, Edna 16 CA VT IL wife m1-0 1-1
McKee, William  18 CA VT IL bro-in-law laborer 
McKee, Roy 19 CA VT IL bro-in-law laborer 
Sykes, Mary  58 IL US US m-in-law m3-10 11-9
Clark, Alexander 48 CA TN TN head teamster lbr/freight
Clark, Elizabeth  66 TN KY TN mother/wd 11-7
Clark, David 44 CA TN TN brother teamster roadwork
Wilson, Francis  25 CA TN TN sister/wd 2-2
Wilson, Molan 4 CA NE CA nephew
Wilson, Marion 3 CA NE CA nephew
Morain, Jesse L. 33 OH OH OH head m1-4 clergyman
Morain, Adelheide 29 OH GER GER wife m1-4 2-2
Morain, Lawrence  3 CA OH OH son
Morain, Romietta -1 CA OH OH dau
Ponte, Emmanuel 67 POR POR POR head m1-43 farmer
Ponte, Rose 67 POR POR POR wife m1-43 7-5
McLaughlin, Mary  31 CA POR POR dau private nurse
Morgan, George  30 CA KS MO head/widow farmer
Morgan, Ruth 10 CA CA CA dau
Morgan, George Jr. 8 CA CA CA son
Morgan, James  7 CA CA CA son
Morgan, Edward 3 CA CA CA son
Gray, Maud 39 CA KS MO sister 
Gray, Charles  17 CA KS CA nephew laborer 
Vujtech, John  52 GER GER GER head m1-24 butcher
Vujtech, Mary  45 GER GER GER wife m1-24 5-3/candy store prop
Vujtech, Emma 17 IL GER GER dau
Moore, Alexander 71 KY KY KY head m1-48 carpenter 
Moore, Nancy E. 66 MO KY KY wife m1-48 0-0
Mehriug, Lewis 57 GER GER GER head m1-25
Mehriug, Bernice 57 CAN CAN CAN wife m1-25 5-5
Broadhurst, Charles  79 MI PA PA head/widow farm laborer 
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Page 22
Zimmer, John  60 CAN GER GER head laborer 
Daly, Patrick H. 77 IRE IRE IRE head/widow laborer 
Sohn, William  45 MI GER GER head farm laborer 
Morgan, Fielding 56 CA IL US head m2-6 saw filer
Morgan, Carrie 21 CO MO MO wife m1-6 1-1
Morgan, Albert 4 OR CO CO son
Martin, George B. 62 VA VA VA head m1-39 laborer 
Martin, Virginia  58 VA VA VA wife m1-39 10-9
Martin, George Jr. 22 CA VA VA son laborer 
Martin, Edgar  20 CA VA VA son hotel clerk
Martin, Henry  17 CA VA VA son laborer 
Johnson, Harriet 26 CA VA VA dau hotel waitress
Johnson, Selma 6 CA CA CA g-dau
Johnson, Edmund G. 3 CA CA CA g-son
Eldridge, George W. 26 KS NY OH head sawmill edger
McGuire, Thomas  53 NY GA GA head laborer 
Warneke, Frederick F. 26 CA US US head m1-3 bar tender
Warneke, Elanor 22 OR MA OR wife m1-3 0-0
Balis, Charles H. 40 IL WI NY head m1-16 teamster/lumber 
Balis, Alla 42 CA WI NY wife m1-16 3-1
Balis, Alta P.  2 CA IL CA dau
McCabe, Orrin L. 24 CA IN CA head m1-2 livery stable
McCabe, Ellen 21 CA CAN CA wife m1-2 1-1
McCabe, Orville 1 CA CA CA son
Abernathy, Harry E. 28 CA IL MO head m1-3 grocery clerk
Abernathy, Elizabeth  23 CA GER GER wife m1-3 0-0
Ensley, Rosemond L. 74 VT VT CAN head/widow 1-0
Roth, Joseph H. 31 IL GER ENG head m1-8 saloon keeper
Roth, Myrtle E. 27 CA MO CA wife m1-8 1-1
Roth, Hilda I. 7 CA IL CA dau
Butterway, George M. 33 CA LA GER head m1-2 grocery clerk
Butterway, Elizabeth C. 33 KS MO IA wife m1-2 1-1
Ward, Franklin 10 CA CA KS s-son
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Page 23
Hudermann, Charles  55 GER GER GER head own income
Cunningham, James  57 MO NC TN head m1-39 own income
Cunningham, Phoebe J. 56 IA NC IN wife m1-39 4-3
Behrle, Anna 53 CA GER GER head/widow 2-2
James, John H. 50 MO MO MO head m2-17 carpenter 
James, Nellie 33 CA IN IN wife m1-17 6-6
James, Monte 15 CA MO CA son
James, Linnie 12 CA MO CA dau
James, Alice 9 CA MO CA dau
James, Velma 7 CA MO CA dau
James, Erma 5 CA MO CA dau
James, John Jr. 2 CA MO CA son
Johnson, Mitchem 28 CAN ENG CAN head m1-3 butter creamery
Johnson, Helen 26 CAN ENG CAN wife m1-3 0-0
Smith, Ettie 34 CA GER IL head  m1-12 2-2/school teacher
Smith, Rudolph 11 CA CA CA son
Smith, Olive 2 CA CA CA dau
Voigt, Anna E. 44 CA IL GER sister m2-3 1-1/domestic
Henning, Irving L. 34 CA US US head m1-1 grocery clerk
Henning, Millie B. 31 CA LA GER wife m1-1 0-0
Butterway, Frank G. 25 CA LA GER head m1-3 retail clerk
Butterway, Loria 24 CA CAN CAN wife m1-3 1-1
Butterway, Frankie 2 CA CA CA dau
Rose, William L. 37 CA CA CA head m1-14 retail merchant
Rose, Isabell 38 WI US US wife m1-14 3-3
Rose, William Jr. 13 CA CAN MI son
Rose, Leland 11 CA CA WI son
Rose, Bernice 8 CA CA WI dau
Bernard, Ellen 77 MI CA WI mo-in-law
Bernard, Margaret  35 IA IRE IRE sis-in-law
Ashbaugh, Joseph C. 42 MO IN KY head m1-13 grocery clerk
Ashbaugh, Nellie 33 CA IN MO wife m1-13 3-2
Ashbaugh, Leverne 9 CA MO CA son
Ashbaugh, Imogene 4 CA MO CA dau
Ashbaugh, Andrew J. 76 IN PA KY father
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Page 24
Gould, Isaac N. 40 CA AR AR head m1-7 laborer 
Gould, Virginia H. 32 CA VA VA wife m1-7 4-2
Gould, Irene M. 5 CA CA CA dau
Lean, Lillian T. 11 CA CA CA step-dau
Davis, William J. 76 AL TN TN head m2-41 blacksmith
Davis, Sarah E. 58 IL NC NC wife m1-41 1-0/restaurant pro'p
Carter, Edward G. 46 CA NY NY head m1-24 grocery clerk
Carter, Emma 50 CA GER GER wife m1-24 4-4
Carter, Harold  19 CA CA CA son
Carter, Edwin 15 CA CA CA son
Gilmore, James W. 49 IL KY KY head m2-6 RR station agent
Gilmore, Bessie B. 26 CA GER OR wife m1-6 3-3
Gilmore, Henry G. 4 CA IL CA son
Gilmore, Joseph  3 CA IL CA son
Gilmore, Elmer -1 CA IL CA son
Hencratt, John S. 22 CA MO CA head m1-1 farm laborer 
Hencratt, Ruby 18 CA KS CA wife m1-1 1-1
Hencratt, Fern -1 CA CA CA dau
Foster, Ellis J. 27 CA CA CA head m1-5 creamery pro'p
Foster, Addia M. 27 CA MA CA wife m1-5 3-3
Foster, Margaret A. 3 CA CA CA dau
Foster, John M. 1 CA CA CA son
Foster, Ellis J. Jr. -1 CA CA CA son
---235-240-smeared it's a guess
Dinsmor, Michael  57 CAN GER GER head/widow laborer 
Dinsmor, Alice B. 17 CA CAN ENG dau
Prior, Katherine  75 GER GER GER head/widow 1-0/hardware merchant
McCain, Frankie (f) 14 CA CA CA companion
Staser, Fred 37 CA US IN head m1-10 blacksmith owner
Staser, Emma 30 CA SWI GER wife m1-10 4-4
Staser, Roy 9 CA CA CA son
Staser, Mabel 8 CA CA CA dau
Staser, Fred Jr. 7 CA CA CA son
Staser, Myrtle 4 CA CA CA dau
Sykes, John  40 OR PA US head m1-17 teamster owner
Sykes, Mattie 36 CA MO MO wife m1-17 4-4
Sykes, Neva 16 CA OR CA dau
Sykes, Zelma 10 CA OR CA dau
Sykes, Vena 8 CA OR CA dau
Sykes, Hildred 3 CA OR CA dau
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