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Known of Cemeteries in Shasta County
This list is compiled from Historical Society, death certificates, Covered Wagon books, and Researchers.  If you know of one not on the list please let me know.   Janie Edwards
I do not know where all of these are, but ask anyway I may know. 
** moved from where Shasta Lake is now, to Central Valley Cemetery 
Anderson Cemetery 
Anderson Pioneer Cemetery 
Baird Cemetery** 
Bates Cemetery 
Beck Cemetery 
Big Bend Cemetery 
Boyce Cemetery 
Brock  Cemetery** 
Brown Cemetery 
Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery 
Burney Falls Cemetery 
Burney Cemetery 
Campbell Cemetery** 
Canyon House Cemetery 
Carbon Cemetery 
Carmony Indian Cemetery 
Carritini Cemetery** 
Cassel Indian Cemetery 
Castella Indian Cemetery 
Catholic French Gulch Cemetery 
Cayton Cemetery 
Central Valley Cemetery 
Churntown Cemetery 
Cline Cemetery 
Conant Cemetery 
Copper City Cemetery** 
Cottonwood Cemetery 
Cove/Cryner Cemetery 
Cryner Cemetery 
Curl Cemetery** 
Dana Cemetery 
De La Mar Cemetery** 
Delta Indian Cemetery 
Eastman Ranch Indian Cemetery 
Elmore Cemetery** 
Fall River Mills IOOF Cemetery 
Fall River Mills Unnamed Cemetery 
Fall River Mills Old Masonic Cemetery 
Fann Indian Cemetery 
Fender Cemetery 
Fern Cemetery 
French Gulch IOOF Cemetery 
Fuller Cemetery 
Glenburn Cemetery 
Goomas Indian Cemetery 
Government Cemetery 
Halcomb Cemetery 
Happy Valley Cemetery 
Harrison Gulch Cemetery 
Hat Creek Cemetery 
Houston Cemetery 
Hunt Cemetery 
Igo Cemetery 
InWood - Ogburn Cemetery 
Kennett  Cemetery** 
Lawncrest Cemetery 
Look Out Cemetery
Middletown/Centerville Cemetery 
Millville Cemetery 
Millville Masonic  Cemetery 
Mountian Home Cemetery 
New Campbell Cemetery** 
New Antler Cemetery** 
Newtown Cemetery 
Nosona (Nosoni) Cemetery** 
Oak Run Cemetery 
Old Ono Cemetery 
Old Antler Cemetery** 
Ono Cemetery 
Parkville Cemetery 
Pickeney Cemetery 
Pig Cemetery** 
Pinegrove Cemetery 
Pit River Cemetery** 
Pitt #1 Cemetery 
Pittville Cemetery 
Plateau Cemetery 
Platina Cemetery 
Popejoy Cemetery** 
Portugese Flat/Baker Cemetery 
Radcliff Cemetery** 
Redding Cemetery 
Redding Abandoned Cemetery 
Reed Indian Cemetery 
Reno Canyon Cemetery** 
Reppart Cemetery** 
Rock Creek Cemetery 
Scotts Ranch Indian Cemetery 
Shasta Catholic Cemetery 
Shasta Masonic Cemetery 
Shasta Co. Hospital Cemetery 
Shasta Public Cemetery 
Shasta Union Cemetery 
Shilling Cemetery 
Silverthorn Cemetery** 
Sims Cemetery 
Slag Dump Cemetery** 
St. Joseph Cemetery 
Stenerson Family Cemetery 
StillWater Cemetery 
Strowbridge Cemetery** 
Texas Springs Cemetery 
Treat's Pasture Cemetery** 
Tuttle Gulch Cemetery 
Webster Indian Cemetery 
Whiskeytown Cemetery 
Whitmore German Cemetery 
Whitmore Family Cemetery 
Williams Cemetery** 
Wilson Indian Cemetery 
Winters/Old IOOF Cemetery 
Wright Indian Cemetery 
Wycotte Cemetery** 
Young-Tuna Cemetery**
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