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French Gulch Catholic Cemetery

From Redding go west about 20 miles
take the turn off to French Gulch
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant
Walked by Deana Bailey March 2002
Janie Edwards
Name Birth Death Comment
Beckwith, Carrie Nov-28-1884 Oct-18-1915  
Berberich, Frank Dec-3-1861 Mar-5-1892  
Burk, Patrick ---- Nov-4-1888 b. of County Cork, Ireland
Desmond, Bridget c1822 Apr-13-1904 b. Ire; Wf of Dennis; Mother of Johanna
Desmond, Dennis c1824 Jun-6-1890 b. of Garretstown, Ireland
Desmond, Johanna Feb-12-1868 Apr-8-1875  
Feeney, Richard Henry Nov-12-1822 Feb-7-1899 Hus of Sarah
Feeney, Sarah J. Jun-30-1856 Feb-20-1908 b. of Ireland
Feeney, Thomas H. Deb-26-1879 Aug-15-1909  
Feeney, Infant  ---- Feb-26-1887 son of Richard and Sarah
Foley, Dennis C. ---- ---- Son of Michael and Mary
Foley, Henry Patrick c1865 Apr-1-1900 Son of Michael and Mary
Foley, James P. Apr-7-1868 Mar-7-1869  
Foley, Mary c1836 Jan-20-1898 b. of Galway, Ireland
Foley, Mary E. Mar-23-1875 Dec-14-1878  
Foley, Michael c1830 Jun-3-1902 b. of Galway, Ireland
Foley, William Coleman c1864 Feb-14-1885 Son of Michael and Mary
Foley, Thomas M. Mar-3-1873 Dec-10-1877 questionable dates
Foley, --- ---- ----  
Gartland, Ann 1824 1907 Wf of Bernard
Gartland, Bernard 1824 1902 Father of Roseanna 
Gartland, Edward F. 1859 1932  
Gartland, Lizzie ---- Oct-14-1865  Infant Dau.
Hopping, Bridget 1829 1859  
Kelley, Patrick Aug-17-1849 Aug-19-1915  
Kessel, Cassie G. c1886 Nov-22-1911  
Laboudigue, Edward 1888 1956  
Lawton, Ann c1832 Aug-3-1910 b. of Ireland
Lawton, Johanna c1839 Dec-22-1877 Wf of Morris
Lawton, John c1824 May-20-1886 b. of Waterford, Ireland
Lawton, Joseph Aug-15-1860 Jun-6-1892  
Lawton, Morris c1828 Jul-19-1891 b. of Waterford, Ireland
Madden, Catherine c1834 Jul-20-1872 b. Balema Spittle, Cork Co., Ire; Wf of Timothy
Madden, Jeremiah May-29-1869 Feb-20-1889 b. in French Gulch, CA 
Madden, John Oct-1-1862 Nov-18-1889  
Madden, Matthew May-29-1868 Dec-25-1889  
Madden, Timothy Jun-17-1825 Sep-28-1904 b. of County Cork, Ireland
Mathewson, Eliza c1825 Jan-3-1892 b. of Wexford, Ireland
McCarthy Francis c1829 Jan-31-1859 Hus of Anna
McCray, Annie (Madden) Dec-4-1870 Dec-9-1911  
McDonald, Edward Carlton ---- May-22-1889 son of Tom & Roseanna 
McDonald, Thomas Sep-13-1861 Sep-19-1933  
McDonald, Rose Ann Nov-3-1861 Nov-11-1946 Wf of Thomas; buried in S. F.
McDonald, Infant son ---- Jul-14-1885 4 days 
McVacco, Hugh 1826 1889 b. of Ireland
Murray, Catherine ---- Jul-17-1888 wf of Timothy
Murray, George T. 1880 Jan-11-1905  23 yrs
Murray, James Mar-5-1862 Mar-26-1864  
Murray, John Nov-9-1866 Jul-9-1892  
Murray, John H. Mar-18-1891 Sep-3-1892  
Murray, John C. 1883 Nov-7-1919  
Murray, Mary Ann Jan-21-1856 Dec-17-1873  
Murray, Timothy 1826 May-4-1887 b. Palinspitle, Cork Co., Ire
Murray, Timothy F. Nov-17-1858 Dec-16-1932  
Murray, William ---- Mar-2-1861  
Newbarth, James Mar-15-1870 Jun-25-1871  
Newbarth, Mary c1835 Jan-26-1874  
Newbarth, Mary 1863 1867 4 yrs 11 mo 22 days
Scoble, Mary J. c1870 Jul-13-1898 Wf of John
Sheehan, Sarah J. (Feeney) Jun-30-1856 Feb-20-1908 b. Ireland
Shonhoffer, Theodor Apr-5-1846 May-10-1886  
Steele, Margaret Lawton Jun-4-1873 Jul-9-1910  
Wilder, --- ---- ----  
Wolf, Dorothy May-3-1902 Apr-1-1904  
Wolf, Infant  ---- ---- son of E. L. and M. E.
Wolf, --- ---- Sep-23-1899  


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